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Professional Christmas Tree Decorating Service Houston

A Christmas tree is meant to be the jewel for all your holiday decorating. Just imagine soft white twinkling lights, handmade bows, and ribbons cascading down the branches of your tree that are filled with exquisite decorations and cherished family heirlooms that are meant to invoke all those beloved childhood memories that make Christmas the most wonderful time of year. If you are searching for a Christmas decorating service in Houston or the surrounding area, then we are here to help you welcome the festive season into your heart and home.

Our team will supply and perfectly dress your Christmas tree, taking all the pressure away so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the finished result. Here is a look at some of the Christmas trees we have decorated across Houston over the past two decades.

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Residential Christmas Tree Decorating Service

From traditional to modern, all-natural to full-on glamour and sparkle, our highly skilled team at Christmas Wonder Lights is filled with ideas to inspire residents across Houston.

We can use your existing Christmas tree or provide artificial and natural trees up from 6 feet to 50 feet tall tree as well as all the decorations that will suit your chosen theme. Or our Christmas tree decorations in Houston are happy to work with your current decorations. Our residential Christmas tree decorating service starts at $250.00 and includes installation and removal after the holiday season is over.  

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Christmas Tree Decorating Services for Houston businesses

 At CWL, our team offers bespoken Christmas tree decorating services for commercial real estate, from banks to shopping centers and office complexes across Houston, The Woodlands, Katy, and Sugar Land.

When you work with us, we will design and install the perfect tree to complement your business; rather you want something simple and elegant or want to pull out all the stops to give your guest the wow factor, we can make it happen. We even offer large outdoor trees that come with a steel frame and can hold up for years to Mother Nature.


In addition to our Christmas tree decorating service, we also offer the following in holiday decorating:

  • Interior / Exterior Decorating

  • Fresh Holiday Greenery Arrangements

  • Decorated In-Door/Outdoor Garlands / Wreaths / Topiaries Decorated Staircase

  • Fireplace Mantels

  • Wedding and Event Decorating

  • Set up and Install Decorations

  • Take down, Organize, and Pack away Decorations

  • Fresh and synthetic flower arrangements

  • Table Centerpieces


Gave something in mind you don’t see on our list, please feel free to contact us at (381) 545-7740. We are happy to accommodate almost any holiday, event, or wedding request within the greater Houston area.

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