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Professional Christmas Tree Decorating Tips For Houston


One of the first clients who hired us for professional Christmas tree decorating service was Hanna; try as she might, she could not decorate a Christmas tree; the ornaments looked scarce, the ribbon never flowed, and the lights were too dim, so she called us for help. Little did we know Hanna wasn’t the only person who wanted a professional Christmas tree decorating service. In 2011, CWL started offering professional Christmas tree decorating services in Houston, Katy, and Sugar Land. Today it has become one of our most requested services. So, while we waited for the season to start, we thought we would reveal our tried-and-true secrets. By the end of this article, you won’t just have a beautiful tree but one that looks like you hired our Christmas decorators in Houston.

8 Steps To Christmas Tree Decorating


Step #1 Choose a Location

First, You must decide if you want just one tree or several throughout your house. Some homeowners add one to the entryway or foyer in their living room, dining room, or great room. These are all suitable options if you have the space for family and guests to mingle and open gifts. If you decide to have one, then you will need to find the right location. Before you choose a spot, ask yourself if you want other complimentary Christmas decorations. Are electrical wall plugs nearby so people won’t have to step over wires? Are there light fixtures that would get in the way? Will you need to rearrange the furniture? This will help you choose the perfect place for your beautiful tree.

Step # 2 Decide what tree is right for your home

Professional Christmas tree decorators can work magic only if the tree cooperates. Most artificial trees attempt to mimic the shape and size of a live tree, and some do a better job than others. The needles of an artificial tree are either made from PVC or polyethylene. While PVC has its advantages, one of the disadvantages is that they look store-bought. With PVC, they will not fade and are fire resistant, making them significantly safer than a real tree or even one made from PE. However, their needles are usually wired to branches, which can make the tree more obviously fake. Another way to say they didn’t come from a lot is their tips. They are not as full and lush when there is a lower tip count but the higher the quality, the higher the price. Last but not least is the type of Christmas tree you want; just like real trees, they come in various species, from Alpine and Frazier Furs to Balsam Spruce and different Pine types.

Our professional Christmas tree decorator service in Houston has a few suggestions. Fir six feet trees, we recommend 600 to 800, and for seven feet, we recommend 1,200 and 1,500. This will ensure that you have an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Before you leave home to select your particular tree, we recommend taking a tape measure to measure the height of your ceiling where you want to put the tree and the width of the available space. Make sure to leave room for your topper; we suggest a minimum of 10 inches.

Step # 3- Correctly fluff your Christmas tree

If you are using artificial, it will take more fluffing and shaping to get it precisely as you want it to look. By fluffing each of the branches, you will give it a much fuller and more natural appearance. Trust me, the end results are more than worth the time it takes to do it.

Start by putting the bottom section into the stand. Beginning with the bottom section, shape the branches layer by layer from the inside and work outwards. Separate each branch to fan out to cover as much space as possible with minimal gaps. You will need to bend, straighten, or angle each piece in different directions toward the trunk. This process will also help hide the center and make Christmas decorating easier. Regarding the top portion, here’s another helpful piece of advice from our professional Christmas tree decorating service in Houston. Before putting the top on, you want to ensure it’s fluffed, as it’s safer and faster when standing on a ladder.

Step # 4 – Choosing A Theme

The next part is where our professional Christmas decorating service in Houston lets their creative minds wander. AT CWL, we plan off-season what our “decorators’ choice” will be for the upcoming year. Generally, we provide five themes to select from, but since you are taking the DIY route, you can choose something as simple as a unique collection of Santa or Nutcracker or play with color pallets. The purpose of a theme is to ensure that everything ties together for that spectacular look you see on Pinterest. When choosing colors, consider some of the most requested over the years:

  • Gold, silver, and white

  • Copper, tan, and silver

  • Black, white, and red

  • Red, white, and silver

  • Red, white, and gold.

  • Teal, copper, and brown

  • Lime green and purple

  • Orange, blue, and ivory

  • Pink, gold, and silver

  • Blue and white

  • Earth tones such as brown, tan, sage, green, and champaign

One of the secrets to being a professional Christmas tree decorator is styling in layers. Consider the tree in sections, with the first layer being lights. However, we recommend purchasing one that is already pre-lit because it will save you time and add more sparkle. Even if it’s pre-lit, make sure to plug it in to check that each of the lights is working.

Step # 5 Select and Add Ribbon

People used to use silver tinsel or garland. Today, we use ribbon to give your tree style and sophistication. We suggest choosing two styles of ribbon, a luxury ribbon, and another solid color, to provide a small burst of color. Each strip should have different widths; we recommend using 2 to 4 inches wide. Most of the time, our professional Christmas tree decorators in Houston use 3 inches. The wider the ribbon, the more difficult it is to work with, and the same goes for wired edges vs. non-wired; we prefer ribbons with wired edges so we can bend and twist them as we see fit.

There are several ways to use ribbon; one is to use it to make large bows with long tails spaced approximately a foot apart. The bows can be tucked into the branches or attached to the end of the tips. The idea is to make your tree appear more complete. Our favorite way is to have the ribbon cascade down the tree. To do this, cut strips of ribbon the length of your tree and then secure one with the tree topper to have loose spirals cascade downward. You can continue this with as many stands as you choose. Once it’s done, tweak it so that they are spaced evenly. This requires time and effort but will give it the wow factor that looks like you hired a professional Christmas tree decorating service. Many Christmas decorators in Houston will work with the ribbon off the spool, but it seems never to turn out quite the way I had envisioned. Once the ribbon is on, it’s time to add the ornaments.

Step # 6 Strategically Hang Your Ornament

First, we suggest that you lay out each item you want to hang on your tree so that you can clearly see what you’re working with. In addition to balls, you may want to add novelty items, such as snowflakes, finials, angels, and handmade or keepsake ornaments. Now you want to group them by size (jumbo, large, medium, and small) and color. This little exercise aims to ensure that no two similar items are placed right beside each other. If you are unsure of how many ornaments to add, we use a rule of thumb depending on how heavily decorated you want your tree to be.

The heavier ornaments should go to the bottom. Another way to fill gaps is with oversized balls tucked into the branches. This creates depth. They should be zig-zagged rather than in a straight row.

Next, add the giant les in a Z pattern so that one section is not barer than the other. Please start at the top and work towards the bottom half of the tree to give it a more balanced look.

After the large ones are placed, starting with the medium-sized ornaments, these are best hung in the middle section. Add some ornaments closer to the truck to make your tree sparkle and shine.

Professional Christmas tree decorating is a well-thought-out process, so always step back and see how it looks. The more miniature ornaments are great for fillers, placing them near the medium and large baubles.

Step #7 Using Floral Picks & Poinsettias.

There are plenty of picks and sprays to work with, from poinsettias to glittery leaves, berries, pinecones, crabapples, and our personal favorite poinsettias and flowers. Each of these will have different textures and features, so depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you may want to go more glitz and glam or more natural looking. Wherever there are gaps to be filled, start using sprays and then spread large poinsettias about every foot apart around the circumference of your tree. These also make a great addition to your topper.

Step # 8 Create your Tree Topper

For the ultimate professional Christmas decorating, you want to create an elaborate topper for the final touch. On the tree pictured here, we made a New York-style themed tree with a topper that matched accordingly. To achieve this, we had to cut off the top of the tree to create a flat base, so unless you’re a professional Christmas tree decorator, we don’t recommend this one. Let’s keep it simple but spectacular. For starters, using your choice of color and style, start 3 to 4 inches from the top and insert sprays on all four sides of the tree. Next, take your 3-inch width ribbon, start making loops every 7”, and secure the loops with floral wire. One loop on the right, the other on the left until you have a bow the size you want, then add it to the front of your tree. Always keep the design on top. Now add the zip tie around the center of your bow and thread floral under the wire. Now fluff the loops with one in the center. This takes time, so let us share a video to help with your professional Christmas tree decorative bow.

red-white-Christmas -tree-Houston

Looking For A Professional Christmas Tree Decorator In Houston?

If you want to leave the fuss and hassle of Christmas decorating to a professional, call our team at CWL for a free estimate- (281) 545-7740. We have been offering Christmas light installation and decorating in Houston for over 20 years and would love to be a part of your special holiday memories!

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