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Tips From Houston Professional Tree Decorating Service

Nothing brings the holidays to a home like a beautiful tree filled with dazzling lights, beautiful ribbon, and special ornaments passed down over the years but there is an art to decorating a tree so today we sat down with Barbara, a Houston professional tree decorating service pro with Christmas Wonder Lights to give you plenty of tips to turn your tree in to a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is sure to wow all your holiday visitors.

Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Houston Home

The first step is to choose the right size and type of tree for your home. It’s a little more complicated then choosing a real tree verses an artificial tree as there are over 30 different types of Christmas trees to choose from. When you work with a Houston professional tree decorating service, you’re going to first decide what shape, size, needles, and fullness of branches you need for the tree. Some of the most requested live trees in our area are

  • Leyland

  • Virginia Pine

  • Blue Ice

  • Murry’s

If you are choosing a real tree you may want to read this article to learn tips to care for your Christmas tree. Of course, artificial trees require no maintenance except for fluffing. If you order your tree you want to start by bending all of the branches and tips into shape, this can be tedious and time consuming but fluffing an artificial tree is essential if you want to make sure your Christmas tree looks its best. When you position them inside the base of the tree stand make sure the branches do not all go in the same pattern or direction so that you create the fullness at the end of your trees branches. If there are any gaps you can also pick up a package of tree filler from an arts and craft store or you will waste hours having to manipulate the Christmas tree from appearing droopy or sticking your arm into the tree and ended up with cuts and scratches from the branches. If you decide to go this route, make sure to wear long sleeves and if there are still gaps try to find large Christmas balls or ornaments that can act as a filler. Once your tree is fluffed and ready to go the next step is to gather all the supplies you are going to need. Here is a sample list of some of the items our Houston professional tree decorating service uses.

  • Ribbons: Different width and colors to coordinate with your theme or garland and tinsel,

  • Ornaments: Depending on the size of your tree you will need between 120 to 212 different decorations.

  • Tree Topper: From ribbon to angels, the choice is entirely yours to make.

  • Lights: You can choose from mini lights to bubble, glow lights, to 5MM and C4 but we love the dome shaped mini lights best.

Once you have your tree all fluffed you want to add your Houston Christmas lights throughout the tree, When your adding light you want about 100 lights for every 1.5 feet of tree. This will make sure its well light. The most popular color is white mini lights but you can also add other colors to your tree such as the traditional red and green or even blue.

How To Decorate A Tree Professionally Using Ribbon

If you have looked on sites like Pinterest of Facebook and seen Houston professional tree decorating services using ribbon but aren’t sure how to do it yourself, then keep reading. Ribbon is one of the best pieces to incorporate into your tree because it can turn an ordinary tree into an extraordinary sight. Decide which color, and sizes of ribbon you want to incorporate into you Christmas tree, We recommend at east three to four different types of ribbon with a wired edge. Most are les than 2.5 inches wide.

Single Layer Vertical: The first thing we are going to do is to create long vertical layers that will cascade down the tree like a waterfall. This, strand needs to be extra-long – if you have a 7-foot tree then you want your ribbon to be at least 12 feet long as you are going to tuck it inside the tree every one to two feet. As you work down the tree you want it to have a cloud look just a small poof, so the tree looks taller not choppy.

Double Layer of Ribbon on Tree: If you want to create the wow factor take another piece if ribbon a little thicker and layer it over the first ribbon in the same pattern and repeat the same process all the way down the length of your Christmas tree, This works very well if you are trying to use two color scheme’s through the tree.

Creating a Bow: If you want a tree topper that’s ribbon takes the same ribbon and make three large loops then add the second ribbon and create another three loops. You can make then just about any size you wish and add then throughout the tree or to the top of the tree. Use your branches or some clear zip ties to secure them to the branches of your Christmas tree,


A few additional tips from our professional tree decorating service in Houston

1. Buy more ribbon than you think you will use or need as you do mot want to use scraps.

2. For every foot of tree, you’re going to use ribbon you need one roll of ribbon.

3. Wired ribbon is much easier to work with as it will hold its form.

4. The best time of year to purchase holiday ribbon is when it first hits the shelves as you will have more choices to select from.

5. This takes practice, don’t give up just keep working with it and you will get the hang of it.

Adding Floral Pics To Your Christmas Tree

There are so many glitzy, beautiful floral pics to choose from and adding floral pics is a great way to fill in any gaps you have on your tree. Remember these items often come flat so you are going to want to twist and bend them to get your desired effect. You may even want to use some wire cutters to cut them into two pieces or more to add these throughout the tree. Just stick the picks inside the areas of the tree where you can see them most. These pieces can be pricey so do your best to make sure they are visible and then once you have them where you want them to attach them to your tree branches using green floral wire or take the branches and fluff them around the pick so they blend in nicely.

Choosing Which Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

Once you have added your ribbon and floral pics to the tree its time to add those cherished heirlooms but if you are like me, you have hundreds and may not know which ones to add. This is a personal choice some people prefer to have a kids tree or a family tree and then a decorative tree. Other people prefer to have themed Christmas trees spread throughout their home. Here is a rule of thumb when it comes to adding ornaments like figurines, collectibles, and balls to a tree.

For a six-foot tree you want 150 ornaments from one to three inches, For a seven-foot tree about 250 ornaments again this is just our professional tree decorating service recommendation. When adding ornaments start from the top and work your way downwards. Make sure to tuck a few of those balls into the tree as this will make it look nice and full.

Adding A Tree Topper

The finishing touch to any real or artificial Christmas tree is the topper of course. Ow some people prefer to add an angel or figurine to the top but we love the ribbon tree toppers which add other decorative elements to create a head turning work of art. Take a few fancy, glittery floral pics and the ribbon then stick them down trough the top of your tree and secure them to the branches, so they sit upright and remain beautiful all holiday season,.

Looking For A Professional Tree Decorating Service In Houston?

If you are sort of time or would rather enjoy the beautiful of a tree while not having to labor over it then contact Christmas Wonder Lights. Our professional holiday decorators in Houston have the experience, time, and supplies to make your interior look merry and bright, Our estimates are free of charge, and we can incorporate your previous pieces or add new pieces. Give us call today at 281-545-7740 or visit us online to learn more.

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