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Too Soon For Christmas Light Installation In Houston?

Christmas light installation Houston

Houston Christmas Light Installation


Every year, people ask us when is the best time for Christmas light installation in Houston because they start to see our team on rooftops as early as the first week in October, so how early is too early for Houston Christmas light installation?

Is it okay to turn on your outdoor Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, or do you need to wait until you have carved the turkey? While this is controversial, many homeowners agree that Christmas light installation in Houston during October is okay. Don’t plug them in until mid-November.

If you are ready for some holiday cheer, you might want to keep reading to determine if it's time to change your decor for the festive season.

Why October Christmas Light Installation In Houston?

More and more homeowners and commercial property owners are getting extravagant holiday lighting, and this often means homeowners need to hire Houston Christmas light Installation companies to assist with their display because most individuals do not have the proper equipment to complete the job safely. For Christmas light installation companies in Houston, Katy, and Sugar Land to squeeze in all of their customers, early bird discounts are frequently provided to homeowners willing to let them install their lights early.

Melissa Emerson is the founder and CEO of Christmas Wonder Lights, which has been voted one of Houston's top Christmas light installation businesses for over a decade. She states that her company offers returning customers up to 30% off. “There are two reasons we start Christmas light installation in Houston the first week of October; the first reason is it allows our crew an extra four weeks of work. And the second reason is. To allow new clients who wait until the last minute some room.”

Our 30% allows homeowners to have their Houston Christmas lights installed and leave them off until the day they wish to plug them in to enjoy. Of course, looking through the homeowners' association rules in modern neighborhoods with an HOA is best to ensure it is even allowed.

Why Christmas Light Installation In Houston Is Expensive?

Many homeowners call us for a free estimate for Christmas light installation in Houston and are shocked, especially if they have never hired a professional company for Christmas light installation in Houston, because they expect the service to cost them around $250.00. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. When Melissa first started CWL in 1999, many homeowners paid around $99.00 for some lights to be added to the exterior of their home, but as everything has increased, so have those beautiful twinkling lights that fill our hearts with cheer. “When I started our 24 seasons ago, a gallon of gas cost $1.17. Today, that same gallon of gas costs $3.60.” The cost of Christmas light installation most Houston don’t consider is labor, gas, insurance, vehicle wear and tear, materials, etc. For example 1999, the minimum wage was $3.35 per hour. Today, it's $7.25, but there is no way anyone would risk their life to climb on a roof for minimum wages, and we wouldn’t expect them to do so. We pay our guys 10% of the profits; another 20% goes into materials. This is why the rising customer who hires us for Christmas light installation in Houston can expect to pay $ 1,000.00. This is our minimum. Some Christmas light installers in our city hang lights as a side hustle, but this is how I support my family and my worker's families. If price is what you are after, then Chances are we are not the right crew for the job, but if you want a hassle-free, beautiful home and a team that takes pride in our work, shows up on time, and doesn’t leave you hanging when a bulb goes out or worse when the new year rolls around, and those HOA start sending pesky letters regarding fines for lights that have yet to be removed then many people find that it’s well worth the added expense.

Houston Christmas Light Installation Packages

Regarding Christmas light installation in Houston, we strive to roll out the red carpet and make it an experience for our clients to enjoy. Our packages start with a free estimate online; we measure the home or business using Google Earth and send the assessment along with a lookbook of prior projects we have done to show our prospects that we aren't just a crew of guys slinging lights on your roof. Once they agree to the bid, we visit them to plan the design; we want our projects to be a work of art. I have a contest with our team where we go to a street with multiple houses decorated for the holidays; if I pick out our Christmas light installation in Houston, they will receive a bonus. And If I don’t like it, I will make them redo it until I am because if I love it, I know our client will be enthralled.

In addition, our Houston Christmas Light installation packages come with all the materials, from clips and dusk to dawn timers to bulbs and cords. Our lights are 12’ apart and custom-cut to fit each home. During the season, we offer free 24-hour service calls; if you have any issues, we want to know about them so we can fix them immediately. Once the season is finished, we remove and store all the holiday decor. Above all, its customer service that sets us apart. I know that our residential and commercial clients could have chosen any Houston Christmas light installation business, so I strive to make sure they know we appreciate their business and want us to come back year after year. If I drop the ball, I will make it right. Last season, one of the customers we did Christmas light installation for in Houston forgot to remove his lights. I don’t know how it happened, but he told me I gave him this upcoming season for free when I reached out. Mu customers genuinely are essential to me, and without them, I wouldn’t have stayed in business and grown over some of the most challenging times; from 9/11 to the recent Covid pandemic and hurricanes, we have seen it all, and yet because of our customers we haven’t missed a meal. Hoston, the Christmas light installation has changed my life, and I am eternally grateful!

Which Color Do Most People Choose In Houston For Christmas Light Installation?


The most popular color for Christmas light installation amongst Houston homeowners is classic warm white, which has a candlelight glow; some people say they have a yellow Hugh to them. The second choice is a candy cane, alternating bright white with a red bulb. Each of our Houston Christmas light installation customers can choose between 12 brilliant colors. My favorite is red, green, and white; they are the traditional color people think of this festive time of year.

How long can you leave outdoor Christmas lights on?

All of our Christmas lights have a dusk to dawn timer, so there is no need to remember when to turn them on or off everything happens automatically. We also use only LED lights instead of the incidents, so the bulb never gets hot enough to cause a fire hazard safety risk, and they don’t use much electricity.

What day should I take down my Christmas lights?

With our Christmas light installation packages and Houston being as large of a city as it is it takes our team the entire month to remove what took us three months to put up. We realize most want their lights down the first week of January, but we assign everyone to a route so that we get to each customer in a timely fashion.

When is it too late for Houston Christmas Light Installation

December 25th, honest, that’s a tricky question to answer because we have one client who hired us for Christmas light installation on Christmas Eve and has them removed the day after because that’s the agreement she has with her husband, and if that’s what works for you then go for it. Still, if I were paying to have Christmas lights installed in Houston, which I do, then I would want to enjoy them as long as possible, and if the neighbors didn’t like it, they could talk amongst themselves unless they want to pay my mortgage.

You said you pay for Christmas lights; how is that possible?

Well, I can’t turn rookie crew members, even with supervision, loose without training, so during the paid internship, I pay for my home and several others so they can get in some practice. Not only do I pay for it, but my house is always the worst one since it’s the first on the block, and generally, since I'm no longer a superwoman who can get on top of the house, my husband is a lead installer and, he doesn’t have time to fix it during the hustle and bustle of the season.

So, you no longer install lights yourself?

Heavens No, I have paid my dues, and there comes a time in every business if you want to be successful that you have to work on not in the industry. I still have enough duties that between October and December, I perform 30 hours straight before sleeping 4 hours, getting up, and doing it all over again.

What’s the most challenging part about running a seasonal company?

That’s a loaded question, but if I had to choose the most challenging part about being seasonal, it would be finding labor. Every year, we have to find new guys; some of the crew members from last season can’t return because they have found permanent jobs, and that’s understandable, but when they are reasonable, it is hard to lose them and have to find a replacement. Vehicles are also tricky; for a team to go out independently, they need either a truck or a work van, and many people who apply have neither. You don’t want to build a work fleet that can only be used three months out of the year but still requires insurance and all the added expenses of owning a vehicle.

Last question: What is the best part of owning a Christmas Light installation company in Houston?

That’s not an easy one, seeing our clients' faces when they see their lights. It is hearing the feedback from their reviews, having them return, and building a relationship with them. I have customers who send me cards and buy my grandkids presents; you can't put a price tag on that. I love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Busiest Time For Christmas Light Installation in Houston?


Starting the Christmas countdown happens for most Houstonians in November. When I asked Alexa, she told me, "The day after the Thanksgiving holiday" (Black Friday) is when individuals should start Christmas light installation in Houston.

Most would agree that anything before Nov 7-8 is a bit early for turning on your outdoor lights, but if you are a do-it-yourself homeowner who wouldn’t think of hiring a Houston Christmas light installation company to wrap your trees with lights in the front yard, then you want to do it before the weather turns chilly. This usually means well before Thanksgiving.

Is there any Science Behind Houston Christmas Light Installation?

Since NASA and hundreds of other scientific experiments occur in Houston, why not consider the science behind Christmas light installation for Houston?

According to the American Christmas Tree Association (yes, that is a thing!), decorating for Christmas can be helpful for mental health. They indicate that twinkling lights earlier in the year can literally boost your mood and help with depression.

We have all been through a lot these last few years, I think a positive neurological shift and boost in a feel-good hormone is exactly what we need. Putting up things that are colorful, such as lights or things that smell good, hmmm, a fresh pine-scented tree can evoke nostalgia and good memory, cause happiness in our brain, and give us a dopamine hit.

Do you only offer Christmas Light Installation in Houston?

No, we are pleased to offer Christmas lights to Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, and all of Fort Bend, Waller, Harris, and Galveston County.

How does someone get on your schedule for Christmas Light Installation In Houston?

The best way to schedule your Christmas light installation is to give us a call at (281) 545-7740 or, if you prefer to complete our easy-to-use contact form on our website and one of our friendly staff members will reach out to you to provide an estimate for your Christmas light installation in Houston between 10 and 6 PM Monday- Saturday.

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Joy Gomez
Joy Gomez
Jan 09

Great blog post, Christmas Wonder Lights! Your insights on the perfect timing for Christmas light installation in Houston are spot on. The tips on avoiding the rush and ensuring a stress-free experience are much appreciated. It's never too early to plan for a festive and magical holiday season! Thanks for the timely advice and spreading the Christmas cheer.

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