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3 Ways To Properly Store Your Katy Christmas Lights

Can you believe its Valentines and there are still residents in Fort Bend with holiday lights, trees, and decorations still up? Hey I love the holidays and am probably the biggest Christmas light enthusiast in all of Katy but its time to say goodbye to light and hello to cupid.

The other day I went to visit my best friend and what did I notice? Jennifer still had not removed her lights of course this led me to ask her why and here what she is told me “I don’t know how to properly store my Katy Christmas lights” if you can empathize with her then let me help you keep your bulbs better protected as the longer they stay up the higher probability they wont last as many years as you want.

The Best Way To Store Indoor Katy Christmas Lights

If you don’t know what to do with all those twinkling lights that you wrapped around the trees this is our cheapest solution. Take a few plastic coat hangers you can pick up for a few dollars and then neatly wrap them around the hanger. Start by leaving the part of the cord that plugs into your wall socket at the bottom of the hanger so it dangles down and then the U shape of the hanger start wrapping the light around it and this will keep your lights tangle free, then just hang them up in your closet until next season. When you are ready to hang your Katy Christmas lights just plug them in and test them.

Another solution is to take an empty soft drink box, fold it horizontal so that there is a nice create and add some tape to both ends of the box and wrap your mini or dome lights around the soda box. Again, your Katy Christmas lights will remain neat so there is no having to unravel them. Its easy breezy and a super cheap solution to store your Christmas tree lights.

What To Do With Exterior Katy Christmas Lights

If you are a do it yourself light installer and didn’t hire Christmas Wonder Lights who offer free storage then the best way to store your exterior lights is using a plastic tote but first head over to Home Depot and buy you a empty cord storage reel, this is what many of the local contractors use to wrap up their extension cords when not in use but they work great for wrapping the light strands around and the neat part is that some of these reels come with a plug in so you can test your Katy Christmas lights before using them again next year. Now once the lights are removed wrap them securely around the reel and put the reel into a plastic storage container that’s airtight, so no moisture gets inside.

Well, there you have it my 3 ways for storing your interior and exterior Katy Christmas light so get those suckers down because love is now in the air and it’s time for cupid to make his appearance, so store your lights and get them ready for Christmas 2022 which is 315 days away but will be here before you know it. I can’t wait and that’s why you can catch my blogs all year long!

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