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Choosing Katy Christmas Lights for Your Home or Business


When you’re looking to incorporate a new look for your business or home’s outdoor holiday lighting display, choosing a professional Christmas light installation company in Katy can help you save time and money. Today, we will share with you why homeowners and professionals turn to CWL for Katy Christmas lights for their rooflines, bushes, and trees.

Why Choose US For Your Katy Christmas Lights


Our Christmas light installation company strives to be the best in Katy for Christmas lights. We use top-of-the-line commercial holiday lighting and materials that are perfect for all your outdoor decorations, whether lighting up a massive display or providing you with a basic outline. We offer various colors and custom create your design so that everyone can find their favorite light strand! Our products are durable, have longevity, have less electrical demands, and are entirely customizable. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect and why materials are essential when choosing a Christmas light installation company.

1. Durability

Whether you’re looking at the C9s or C7s — or need cluster lights or wrapping lights for your trees — all of our solutions are incredibly strong. With one-piece envelope construction, the bulbs withstand temperature changes and can endure the elements because they’re waterproof. And you’ll find that if you drop a bulb and it hits the ground or accidentally step on the light bulbs, they are highly impact resistant.

2. Longevity

Most of our lights are LED, and all have an extremely long lifespan, are cool to the touch, and are made from quality materials. With more prolonged use before they need to be replaced, they are ideal for both day-long displays, like at shopping malls during the holiday season, or for your Christmas decor for a home or business.

3. Save Electricity

With the C9s or C7s as LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes), they pull very low energy consumption, keeping their power usage and costs minimal year after year. You can use long runs of socket cords, reducing how many extension cords you need, and never overload your breakers again! Our Katy Christmas lights truly pay for themselves in a few years.

4. Customization

With our Katy Christmas lights, you can purchase socket cords, connectors, and lamp cords along with your choice of bulb color and size to create a completely customizable look. Most homeowners and professional Christmas light installation crews in Katy love the cut-to-fit capabilities, allowing you to create your own holiday lighting displays. Some of your benefits include —

Nearly Limitless Design Capabilities: If you dream it, our Christmas light installation team in Katy has the knowledge and experience to install it as we designed. When you contact us, we will create an image to show you how your home or business will look with lights and give you design ideas that work with any budget.

Bringing in multiple layers to your project: Now, only do we install Christmas lights in Katy, but we also offer holiday decorating throughout Houston, from fireplace mantels to table accents and pieces, banisters and railings, handmade wreaths, and more.

Add on through the years to develop your Katy Christmas light display: During the year, our Katy Christmas light company offers a 305 discount, which you can apply to add to your display. Before too long, you will be able to see your Katy Christmas light shining brightly in outer space.

Quickly selecting different color schemes- We allow you to change the color of your Katy Christmas each season without any additional cost.

Adding Wreaths or Greenery: Want to trim your door with garland or have our Christmas light installation crew hang your wreath up high on your rooftop peaks? Not a problem. We design, make, and take care of it all while you sit back in the warmth of your home and enjoy.

We offer easy storage; after we take down your Katy Christmas lights, we store them at our climate-controlled facility.

At Christmas Wonder Lights, we would love to help you make this an unforgettable holiday to remember. For more specific recommendations on the best Katy Christmas lights to decorate your trees, one call does it all. Call us today at (281) 545-7740 for a free estimate.

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