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Christmas Decorating Goals For Houston


Now that Halloween is upon us, it’s officially Christmas decorating season for Houston, which means songs, festivity, and Christmas lights installation; we can’t forget the exterior. During this time of year, it is one of the only times we can completely fill our homes with fun, cliche, and extravagant things, and no one can say a word because who doesn’t enjoy holiday decorating? For Houston residents, we are going to share some of our favorite rooms that you shouldn’t forget about when creating your Christmas decorating checklist. The ultimate goal is to ensure whoever steps inside your front door this season feels welcomed and leaves with a little more holiday spirit.


1. Living Room

There are so many creative ways to create a Christmas-themed living room, of course, this all depends on your theme and personal preferences. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary home, want to go all-out with Christmas decorating, or use a more subtle approach, here are a few ideas that will fit within any budget.

Keep it relaxed: Chances are your family will stay really busy this season with holiday shopping and parties; you want a room where you can sit down, kick off your shoes, and take a deep breath. Our holiday decorating team at Houston Christmas Wonder Lights suggests smart-casual design. This could be as simple as providing plenty of warm and cuddly throw blankets and pillows around the seating area to promote relaxation and make everyone feel right at home.

Themed Garland: Add a nicely decorated garland on the fireplace mantel that drapes over the edges. Going with a farmhouse theme, a garland that consists of fresh flowers, pinecones, berries, and eucalyptus works excellent, but if your style is more glam, consider ordering a faux garland with feathers, ribbons, and baubles made exclusively for you by our Christmas decorating pros in Houston.

Light it up: From a crackling fire perfect for losing track of time as you watch its dancing flames to a more intimate setting with flickering candles or Christmas tree lights ensures the ambiance is just right. It's incredible that even a simple string of warm white lights can set off the effect without detracting.

Keep it minimalistic: If you want to echo the feeling of simplicity, consider a minimalist metallic wreath placed gently on the mantlepiece and various bowls or vases filled with Christmas ornaments dotted around the room. Perfect for a neutral-toned color scheme without lacking the holiday spirit.

Double the focal point- double the spirit: A professionally decorated Christmas tree often steals all the attention, but it doesn’t have to be the only center stage in your living room. Why not highlight a corner of your space and turn it into a festive focal point?

Even if you only have a small area available, you can still make this a particular spot to draw people over. A simple console table against the wall decorated with vintage vessels filled with fresh flowers, nuts, candies, and tapered candles on classic candlesticks. Mix and match sizes and shapes for an authentically eclectic vibe. If you lack wall space, this could be combined with your newly embellished wreaths nicely hung on your windows by our

Christmas decorating crew in Houston.

One last idea for your Christmas-themed living room is for those who aren’t so enthusiastic or spouses who are married to a Grinch. Be creative and have some fun with the color combinations you choose to design and create with; you definitely don’t need to stick to the classic shades,' says holiday decorating expert Lynette. 'Work with your own interiors and think about how you feel–create something you love. Layer up with warm fabrics in varying shades of whites, creams, and beige to suggest snow flurries and memories of mistletoe. Place a pleasingly large bowl on your coffee table with decorative glass baubles, gentler than the classic, colorful decorations. For the pièce de resistance, attach a mural to the wall depicting a snowy scene.


Dining Room Christmas Decorating Ideas For Houston

For many Houstonians, gathering with friends and family for a festive feast is one of the true highlights of the holiday season, and having a cozy, welcoming dining space bedecked with beautiful table decor and festive flourishes is a key part of celebrating.

Whether you're planning an intimate affair or hosting a large party, our Christmas decorating staff at Houston's own Christmas Wonder Lights is here to help you set the scene for a fabulous meal. Here is an array of inspiring dining decor ideas for all tastes, from simple to spectacular we have seen and done it all.

#1 Rustic: Take inspiration from nature and create a calm, comforting space by pairing winter foliage and candlelight. Let texture take the lead, including a natural-toned linen tablecloth, then layer with a pine Christmas table centerpiece made of garland and pinecone, woven placemats, and wine goblets made from recycled glass, all items our Christmas store has to offer.

# 2 Elegance: Create a dining scheme using white and if you prefer a splash of color, consider using a dark blue or burgundy red. This is a great way to create a timeless and elegant look.

Set the mood with a crisp white tablecloth, simple white bone China, clear crystal glassware, and candlesticks. Keep decorations pared-back with crystal tealight holders, a white floral centerpiece, or a simple pine garland.

Christmas table gifts: Want that smaller gift to serve double duty? Our Christmas decoration staff has just the perfect idea. Depending on your theme, wrap your gifts in complementary colors. be sure to include a name tag and a small sprig or bow and place them on the dinner plate for a lovely surprise.


Bedrooms Holiday Decorating For Houston Long Winter Naps

Let us show you how our creative holiday decorators bring Christmas into your bedrooms. These looks are affordable and easier to achieve than one might think.

Add Christmas pillows to beds, chairs, benches, etc., to add pops of color.

Add a plaid or tartan throw.

Use an inexpensive plaid or Christmas tablecloth over the top of existing bedding to quickly transform your bed for a fraction of the cost of replacing bedding.


This area isn't the first room you think of decorating, but if you want ideas to make your bathroom look Christmassy, let us give you a few simple ideas. Start by adding a Christmas tree soap dispenser and hand towel. Make sure to add a pine-scented fresh candle and hang a simple wreath with Christmas lights that are bound to light up your room.

What style of Christmas Decorating do you have in mind for this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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