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Christmas Light Installation By Houston & Katy Pro’s


In today’s article, we will share everything you need about CWL Christmas Light Installation In Houston and Katy.

• What type of holiday lighting do we offer?

• What’s included with our packages?

• DIY vs. professional Christmas light installation

• Bundle Discounts

Suppose you want to take your holiday season to the next level. In that case, hiring a reputable company for Christmas light installation in Houston and Katy will help increase your safety and provide you with the jolliest home on your block.

Many homeowners are unaware of the dramatic difference between the commercial-grade Christmas lights we install and the holiday lighting you would find at your local retailer. This is because we use five diodes of lights, whereas retailers come with just one diode. Another difference is we custom-cut each cord, so there is no more wondering about access strings that take away the beauty of your display.

Holiday Lights Options For Houston

Depending on where you want your Christmas light installation company to add bulbs, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Some homeowners wish to have holiday lights only on the rooftop, whereas others want the works.

Mini Lights: This is a 2.5-volt incandescent or LED bulb with a kaleidoscope of colors; some can have chasers. Mini lights are great for wrapping things from shrubs to columns, as they can be passed through small spaces.

M5 LED lights are a unique style of bulb that can satisfy the look of a more traditional incandescent mini light but provide all of the energy savings of LED technology. They are famous for their use in shrubs and outdoor trees but also are great for Christmas decorating. Houston homeowners can add 5MM to wreaths, garlands, and Christmas tree decorating.

C7 & C9 LED Christmas Lights- The most requested bulb size for holiday lighting in Houston is C9; larger bulbs provide a bolder look and are great for outdoor Christmas decorating. The C7 bulb size is also great for rooftops, outline walkways, and driveways but has a more delicate look, and because the bulb is smaller, it does not illuminate as well as the C9.

Icicle Lights: Classic and beautiful icicle lights are popular for holiday lighting in Houston. Roof awnings, overhangs, peaks, and windows are popular locations as the drops lay naturally to create a winter wonderland display.

Novelty Lights: Specialty Christmas Bulbs: If you're looking for a unique light display, consider adding cascading light tubes to give you the effect of falling snow or holiday lighting shaped like all your favorite characters, from Santa to Frosty.

Packages For Christmas Light Installation In Houston and Katy


We offer our all-inclusive Christmas light installation package to Houston, Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land, and Missouri City homeowners. Our packages come with everything you need, including:

Design Consultation: We offer online and on-site consultation to help you create a stunning display. Whether you want a simple rooftop design or want to go all out with trees, flowerbeds, walkways, and windows, our Christmas light installation will not disappoint. Want to add a wreath to your peaks or door or garland around your doorway? We have you covered. Once you have chosen your display, we will secure your date with a 50% deposit.

Installation: Our pros will arrive ready to decorate on the date and time of your Christmas light installation. Each crew member has been trained and is fully assured. Most homes take two to four hours to complete, while commercial projects take several days.

Maintenance –At CWL, we ensure you a smooth and stress-free experience. If a bulb breaks or your display gets disheveled, we will return it free of charge within 24 to 48 hours of your call to take care of everything.

Removal: Starting on January 2nd, our Christmas light installation crew will return to your property to remove your display. Removal dates are not specific but are done according to a route that ensures that all lights and decorations are taken down promptly. Storage is also provided at no additional cost.

Bundle Christmas Light Installation with Decorating


At CWL, we not only offer Christmas light installation for Houston and Katy homeowners and commercial property owners, but we also have an entire team for professional Christmas decorating services from handmade garlands and wreaths to exquisite table settings and professional Christmas tree decorating. Clients who bundle their services save 10%. Our Christmas decorating service can include custom garland, decorative wreaths, and professional Christmas tree decorating services, including delivery set up, take down, and packing. If you are a homeowner who enjoys Christmas decorating, choose one of our tree bundle packages.

We would love to be a part of your cherished holiday memories; call us today for a free design consultation and estimate at (281) 545-7740.

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