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Christmas Light Installation Mistakes Houston Should Avoid


Some Christmas light installation mistakes Houston homeowners make are obvious. Other errors aren’t as treacherous, but still bad. Avoid these six common mistakes if you’re a homeowner installing your holiday lighting in Houston.

1. Too Much Holiday Lighting

Christmas lights are beautiful! Once you get started, it’s tempting to light everything from rooftops and dormers to that cool date palm tree and flower bed. But don’t get carried away and become the next Clark Griswold! Too much holiday lighting for a Houston do-it-yourselfer can make your display look tacky rather than elegant. If you are starting out and afraid of heights, then either call a Christmas light installation company in Houston or stick with a few areas, like your rooftop and the bushes. You can always add more next year once you get the hang of it.

2. Solar Holiday Lighting

It’s easy to get lured in by solar lights. Install them, then wait for Houston Sun to do all the work. Brilliant, right? So why are solar lights a holiday lighting mistake? The panels don’t last long, so you’re just wasting your money. Another issue with these types of holiday lighting is they are hard to use for many of the features where you want to install Christmas lights. Are you trying to decorate a big tree or put lights along the entire edge of your roof? You’ll need to look at how long the strand you are purchasing as it's likely not enough, and the cost of double or triple up isn’t worth it. Besides, LED holiday lighting uses only a small fraction of energy compared to incidents that parents used when we were growing up.

3. Misusing Electricity

Electrocution and home fires are the risks you take when you misuse electrical equipment. All extension cords and holiday lighting aren’t created equal—use only bulbs and cords that are rated for outdoor use. Never plug in more than three strands per extension cord. Also, protect extension cord connections from water damage by wrapping the ends with electrical tape and keeping the cords off the ground.

4. Blinding Neighbors

Placement is everything. You can’t just stick bright white holiday lighting in your yard or on a roof and call it a day. If your holiday lights aren’t positioned correctly, they’ll glare into your neighbor's windows or stop traffic for all the wrong reasons. Again, sometimes simple can be more, and if this is the first time you are attempting a Christmas light installation, then follow the K.I.S.S. rule- Keep it simple, stupid.

5. Forgetting To Plan

Instead of taking all your holiday lights out of their storage boxes and immediately throwing them up on your roof, reserve a few moments to plan out your display beforehand. Take a walk around your property to note things like access to power and the ability to attach lights in their desired location. Consider whether you want to use dusk-to-dawn timers and what design or theme you want to accomplish. Achieving the look of professional holiday lighting in Houston isn’t as simplistic as it seems. You don’t just want basic Christmas light installation; you want a creative artistic design.

An experienced Christmas light installation company in Houston will know exactly how to give you a design that is eye catching. They’ll know how to keep everything straight and tidy, how to wrap trees so that the lights don’t fall down to the ground, and how to add those magical touches that make people stop for all the right reasons.

A reputable Christmas light installation company in Houston will offer you suggestions on how to get a full effect without breaking your budget and cool ideas for holiday lighting along your lawn or for your trees that might not have occurred to you.

A professional Christmas light installation company in Houston also knows how to avoid common holiday lighting mistakes, and they’ll use commercial grade lighting that won’t blow out a breaker.

Hiring a Christmas light installation pro in Houston with a professional decorator on staff will ensure a display that brings the wow factor.

Trust Your Christmas Light Installation In Houston TO CWL

Nobody expects you to be a holiday lighting expert. There’s a lot involved, from proper planning to choosing just the right bulbs and materials. It’s easy to make mistakes if you are not a Christmas light installer; that’s why we exist. Let our Christmas light installation company install your holiday lighting in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, or anywhere in the surrounding area. Questions? Just ask. Want a free estimate? Call us at (281) 545-7740

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