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Christmas Light Installation Tips For Sugar Land Residents

What would Christmas be like without beautiful, decorated trees, well lite roof tops and the occasional child friendly themed cut outs and props that bring the spirit of Christmas alive throughout neighborhood like Avalon, Lake Pointe, and First Colony.

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to take a subtle approach to your holiday decorating, or you want to create a Clark Griswold theme that lights up the entire block let our Christmas light installation in Sugar Land give you a few pointers.

Planning Your Holiday Decoration

Before you grab the ladder and head up to the roof to hang your first strand of lights, take the time to unravel and test each strand. Replace any blown fuses and if you need help go t your local hardware store to pick up a tester. A tester like the LED Keeper will let you know which bulbs need to be replaced or which strands to replace. Make sure whatever lights your using is meant for their designated purpose this means if they do not have a red tip use them only inside the house and never use lights that are purchased second hand as they may not be safe, and it’s really not cost effective in the end if you’re having to replace bulbs every week. Also make sure that every light you install has a UL rating.

If you are going to be purchasing lights for a new home and need to measure your roofline to determine how many Christmas lights to install on your Sugar Land home go to google earth and measure your roofline, while this will not be precise take the number of feet and add 5% to the total footage and then you will know how many lights you need to purchase. Also add other decorating supplies to your list.

Christmas Light Installation Supply List

  • Lights

  • Plastic Gutter Clips

  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Stick (for bricks)

  • Outdoor Extension Cord

  • Dusk to Dawn Timer (automation is easier than having to remember to turn the lights off before bed)

  • Ladder & A helper (It’s the law for service pros)

  • Wreaths, Garland and Bows (Hangers)

  • Apron

Remember to take this list with you when you head to the store because it will save you time having to make multiple trip for supplies you forgot.

Holiday Light Installation in Sugar Land

Whether you are spending a day or a weekend working on your creative holiday display you need to make sure you enlist a helper to work safely and help keep the ladder stable. Always use the three-point touch system and climb up the ladder facing forward. To ensure your hands are free to work use an apron that will hold the clips and lights. for every light along the roof make sure to use a clip.

If you’re going to use lights around the brick the best way to secure them is using hot glue. Be careful to keep your fingers out of the way apply a bead of hot glue to the base of the bulb and keep the bulb off the brick, hold the base that has glue on it to the brick and count to fifteen then release and the light should stay firmly in place.

If you want to add lights to landscaping features like trees then ball the lights together and start at the base f the tree and firmly wrap it around the tree trunk, use a few lights around the low hanging branches but make sure there strong enough to support the lights, this is why we suggest using mini or 5 mm lights instead of C9 which are heavier.

Hanging a wreath: There are two ways to hang a wreath the easiest is to use a brick clip but this does require drilling a hole into the masonry, if you do not want to drill a ole into the brick wall you can a Deco brick if the wreath doesn’t have a hanger on the back use a zip tie and insert it into the wreath then create a loop that can hang onto the removable clip.

Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

  • Never nail or screw your lights onto your shingles or gutters

  • Be aware of electric outlets or wires that may overheat.

  • Read and follow the manufactures suggestions

  • Keep extension cords and light strands away from metal.

  • Never run cords through windows and doors

Remember to be patient and plan first, this will keep you safer while transforming your home into a festive winter wonderland

Consider Hiring A Christmas Light Installation in Sugar Land

Many people have busier than normal schedules during the holiday season with events to attend and shopping for their loved ones and friends or they do not enjoy heights, some people are downright scared of climbing onto a ladder unless they have roofing experience, this is where Christmas Wonder Lights can help. We offer professional Christmas light installation in Sugar Land, Katy, Pecan Grove, Richmond, Missouri City and throughout the greater Houston area. Give us a call for a free quote at 281-545-7740 or fill out our online form and one of our helpful holiday pros will contact you.

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