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Christmas Lights Installation Sugar Land

christmas light installation sugar land

Driving around to see your neighborhood's best Sugar Land lights is a favorite holiday tradition! But while looking at those twinkling lights is super fun, choosing and stringing up your own holiday lights may be another thing altogether. To ensure you have a fun and safe holiday season, why not hire our crew for your Christmas light installation in Sugar Land?

Many homeowners understand there are many things to consider when setting up a Sugar Land light display. This is why our team has done the research and provides you with only the best recommendations based on quality, energy efficiency, safety ratings, and more. So, if you are a homeowner who would prefer not to hire a Christmas light installation crew in Sugar Land, continue reading for the best lighting options.

Top Pick For Christmas Light Installation In Sugar Land

When your Christmas light display needs some professional insight or inspiration, we have just the gal for you. Melissa Emerson is the owner of Christmas Wonder Lights, which offers Christmas light installation in Sugar Land, Katy, and throughout Houston. Her team of 16 elves has been selected to do multiple projects over their 24 years of operation, including Hallmark Movie displays, municipalities, and more.

Before picking out your Sugar Land lights, Melissa recommends getting some inspirational images or sketching out the look you’re going for. Even if it’s a reasonably simple plan you have in mind, you’ll need to know the proper dimensions, the features you’d like (a timer, remote control, etc.), and all the other design elements you may need to ensure you have the best and brightest Sugar Land lights for your home or business.

Her top three picks are to bring bright colors or shimmering whites to your holiday-inspired look.

C9 Christmas light installation sugar land

Pick #1 - Best Overall Outdoor Sugar Land Lights: C9 Commercial-grade LED Bulbs

These bulbs are the most popular style our Christmas light installers in Sugar Land hang on rooftops or use on walkways, sidewalks, and driveways because of their size and versatility. This bulb comes in a great variety of colors and textures, giving you complete creative control. One of the favorite options for Sugar Land lights is warm white, followed by candy cane – red and white. But if you want to be creative, we offer over 30 Sugar Land light colors for you to choose from.

Features of C9 Commercial-grade LED: The C9 option for your best outdoor Sugar Land lights features high-quality brightness, amazing energy efficiency, and virtual indestructibility!

Crisp Look. When you’re looking for all things clear and bright, these give you that crisp LED look you need without being too bright. For tech-obsessed aficionados, the SMD (Surface Mounted Device) Technology allows a more brilliant light bulb with less electricity than in previous years when we used incandescent.

Sturdy Materials. Often made out of polystyrene or polycarbonate material, these bulbs are waterproof and highly durable.

Energy-Efficient. While your old incandescent C9 bulb is rated for 7 watts of electricity, these function at .58 watts. This means savings for you, no more overloading your energy, and no need for bulky extension cords. For the minor cost difference and impactful energy savings, we would always recommend these over the C7 size simply because it provides a much more noticeable impact.

Note: These are sold in packages of bulbs and need a socket string to function and hang. We recommend using the C9 LED Bulbs with a 12” or 6” spacing socket cord to create a powerful impact.

Pick #2 - Best Overall Indoor/Outdoor Option: Cluster Lights

Sugar land cluster christmas lights

Our unique cluster lights are a fantastic choice for everything from your artificial decor to trees, bushes, and more!

Features of Cluster Lights

Cluster lights are unmatched indoor/outdoor string lights that come in various temperatures and give you years of superb lighting. You’ll love how quickly they go up, how great your decorations look, and how long they last.

Speedy Installation. When the holiday season hits, saving time is a lifesaver. With 30 Sugar Land lights per linear foot and a tangle-free design, these lights go up very quickly. You’ll appreciate how easy they are to install, remove, and store. Of course, hiring our Christmas lights installation pros in Sugar Land is the easiest and safest way to ensure you have a spectacular display. We arrive on your selected date and get busy bringing your vision to life. Then come January we remove your display and safely store it until the following year.

Rejuvenate Your Décor. Cluster lights bring out the best qualities of any Christmas decoration; your artificial greenery and bushes will look fuller with their design, and the 8-function controller gives you complete control over your décor settings. You’ll love how the unique pattern of lights provides an even distribution of lights to trees, bushes, wreaths, and garlands.

The manufacturer has rated their cluster lights for 50,000 hours, giving you years of stunning lighting options for your home décor. These LEDs are so durable that you can stomp on them and never break them. And its single-mold construction keeps water and dust out.

Pick #3 - Most Versatile - 5mm.

Christmas light installation sugar land

When wrapping trees and columns, shrub covering, patios, pergolas, or indoor banisters, these 5mm Sugar Land lights are great options for indoor or outdoor displays.

Features of 5mm

With many applications and a highly economical and brighter light, you’ll enjoy years of quality lighting with this strand of lights.

Versatile Application. With indoor/outdoor use, you can utilize these lights on your bushes, trees, walkways, rooflines, artificial greenery, and windows —to name a few! And while you’ll mostly use them during the holidays, you could utilize them for weddings, birthday parties, your backyard, and any summer gatherings like the 4th of July.

Economic Use. LED lighting technology reduces the amount of electricity and will last much longer than incandescent lights. The 70-light 5mm LED strands are 23 feet long and can have over 40 strands connected together.

Brighter Lighting. The 5mm conical lens provides a sharp, bright light that is highlighted on tree wraps and bushes. When you add them to your outdoor décor, you'll notice a cleaner look matching your dazzling display’s rest.

Most of our customers choose a variety of these three options in their desired color choices and then add in a smattering of pre-lit greenery, fun yard décor, and Christmas lighting accessories that are festive and quick to put up. You can call us anytime to get a free estimate for Christmas light installation in Sugar Land for your home or business and get the best Sugar Land lights — be sure to plan your purchase and learn more by visiting us online.

CWL Christmas Light Installation In Sugar Land

If you are seeking Christmas light installation in Sugar Land please give you local elves at Christmas Wonder Lights a call for a free estimate for your home or business. We provide an all inclusive Christmas light installation service to Sugar Land that is second to none. Fore more information call (281) 545-7740 or visit us on-line.

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