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Cost of Christmas light installation in Houston

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today’s post, Melissa Emerson, owner of CWL, is going to share with you what to expect if you are looking for Christmas light installation in Houston, what homeowners can expect to pay for holiday lighting in Houston, and answer questions we receive such as what a Christmas light installation crew do before the big season rolls around and Santa is back in town…the answer will surprise you!


Table of contents

• Does Christmas light installation Cost by square footage?

• Benefits of Hiring a Christmas light installer in Houston

• DIY Light Installation vs. Hiring a Professional

What’s included in the cost of Holiday Lighting in Houston


The cost of professional holiday lighting in Houston is measured by linear footage. It includes the actual bulb itself, which is generally a C9 that is spaced a foot apart, and between the foot are socket wires (cords, sockets, and plugs) that are the essential building blogs for a magnificent and bright display. Other needed items include jumper wire; this is what we use to provide you with an extension cord that plugs into your outdoor 110 plugs and a dusk-to-dawn timer. This ensures that you do not need to lift a finger to turn your display on or off. The cost also includes having a team of at least two members trained and insured to risk getting onto your roof to hang your holiday lighting in Houston and then repeat the process in January after the season ends. Once the display is removed, we store your decoration all year in a climate-controlled warehouse. Now anytime during the holidays, if your lighting burns out or breaks, we also revisit your home to do maintenance within 48 hours. So when we say all-inclusive Christmas light installation in Houston, we have thought of everything to give you the ultimate holiday lighting experience Houston offers!

What is the average cost for Holiday lighting in Houston?

On average, you can expect to pay $6.50 per linear footage; However, some crews charge as much as $12.00 a linear foot, and inexperienced teams just starting their business or a neighborhood boy may pay around $3.00.

As holiday lighting professionals in Houston since 1999, I highly recommend spending the extra expense on hiring an insured and trained team because the cost a homeowner is going to be expected to pay if an uninsured person were to fall all their roof or you have to pay for roof damages because someone is inexperienced is going to cost all you thought you saved X ten!

According to a recent report from NBC News, an estimated 15,000 people visited the emergency room last year due to holiday lighting hazards.

Does a two-story display cost more than a single story?

cost-of- christmas-light-installation-houston

Not necessarily; it all depends on how large the roof is; we have seen some two-story homes with a simple roof line- one of the most significant cost factors is peaks or the roof pitch. A roof pitch refers to its steepness and is expressed as a ratio or angle in degrees. When we measure It, we determine the vertical rise over the horizontal run. For example, the run of a foot is equal to 12 inches; therefore, the pitch determines how high the roof will rise over a foot.

Keeping this definition in mind, you will have what is considered functionally flat or pitched, which will be 1:6 or 10°. As a general rule, the greater the vertical rise, the steeper it will be, and the more bulbs you will need to be hung to give you that eye-catching Christmas light display that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

How to save money on Holiday Lighting in Houston?

If you haven’t heard, let us share with you the newest inventor for Christmas light installation that Houston homeowners can cash in on and enjoy all year long- permanent lighting. In addition, let us share a few key benefits you may want to consider, especially if you love LED lighting.

  • They turn on and off with a phone app.

  • The lights are encased in an aluminum track that easily slides into your gutters and disappears or can match the house’s trim color.

  • Have lighting for every occasion- Halloween, game days, pool parties, fourth of July, or just for fun.

  • You will never have to hire a Christmas light installer in Houston- set it up and enjoy it 365 days a year.

The only downside is that you will spend around $35,00 per foot; for some residents, this is a wise investment that will pay for itself.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

You will indeed save money by decorating your home for the holidays on your own. However, some people really enjoy having a family day and saying, "We hang Christmas lights!" It doesn’t have to be difficult if you have taken time to prep first by taking the boxes down from the attic, testing each strand to ensure they work, and untangling the wires, but if you are afraid of heights or would rather spend an evening as a family attending one of Houston holiday activities then hiring a professional Christmas light installation company in Houston will make sure your display is done safely and in a way that maximizes visual interest.

At Christmas, Wonder Lights have crew members trained, and as the owner, I spend the off-season coming up with the best designs to ensure that each display, relatively simple or spectacular, is truly magical and one of a kind. And, of course, hiring us for your holiday lighting will save you time and space as after the season, we remove and store your display until next season.

The Best Way to Know What Christmas Light Installation Costs in Houston?

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