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DIY Or Hire A Katy Christmas Light Installation Service?

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Dont Let This Be You-Call Our Christmas Light Professionals!

Do you enjoy Do it yourself projects? There is a certain satisfaction that comes from decorating your home yourself. DIY projects can save money. However, you may want to think twice if you are considering hanging your own lights. Unless you have experience climbing up and down a ladder and dealing with roofs and electricity you may want to hire a Katy Christmas light installation service to do other holiday activities like Christmas shopping, planning a family get together or taking your kids or grandkids to see Santa for photos. Here are the reasons customers have turned to Christmas Wonder Lights for their decorating.

Dangerous: Anytime you are working on a ladder or with electricity there are certain risk involved. Some of the peaks on the homes are pretty steep and it can be a slippery slope, if you do not follow ladder safety rules and know how many light you can plug together or try to use staples or nails. In a study conducted over a ten-year period that concluded in 21017, they asked 100 hospitals for accident reports associated with Christmas light installation. The report found that over 134,000 people were sent to the emergency room for injured ranging from lacerations and sprains to internal injuries and nerve damage. Not only is this a reason to make you pause before attempting to string up some lights but if you are going to hire a Katy Christmas light service to come hang your lights, you want to make sure it’s a company that is fully insured, so that if accidents occur while they are working on your home you don’t end up footing the bill. At Christmas Wonder Lights, we are fully insured to work up to three stories and carry a million-dollar insurance policy for this very reason. While our installers are trained and must adhere to our religious safety practices and procedures, we realize accidents do occur, that’s the nature of our business and as a safety-first company we always air on the side of caution. In over 20 years we have thankfully only had one man slip and fall off a roof, but the homeowner didn’t have to worry about doctor bills or a slip and fall lawsuit because we operate as a business, not just El chepo who says they will do it for $200.00 and leaves you having to call 20 different companies when the new year rolls around and they don’t return.

Expensive Mistakes: Some of the most crucial components of your home are your roof, gutters, windows, and siding. Guess where Christmas lights are installed? In what we refer to as the “danger zone” this is why if you are not familiar with how to work around these essential parts that keeps your home in tip-top shape you may not want to attempt do it yourself lighting or hire an Katy Christmas light installation “business” who is the cheapest guy in town, if something goes wrong and they are charging you $200.00 who do you think will pay for repairs. Our installers are not paid by the foot but by the hour and the lead men are always on-site so that no corners are cuts which eliminates mistakes like broken windows, missing shingles, and ripped gutters.

Time: Now that we have given you the safety reasons of why to hire a professional for your Katy Christmas light installation, lets look at the time factor. Many people assume that we only work eight weeks out of the year, sign me up coach- for this job because holiday decorating is a full time 51 week out if the year, we take off a week to recoup after the season. During the “off-season” we discover new products, try out different techniques and methods to continue to improve our Katy Christmas light installation services. We consider our displays like art, the canvas is your home and our paint is lights, wraths, and garland. Its our job to make your home look better than anyone else’s on your block.

If you’re a do-it yourself and you have the time to install your own display great but if you would rather devote the hours to something your passionate about, then trust our team who is passionate about light to do the work while you enjoy all the credit and your holiday display.

Experience: They say never despise small beginning and this couldn’t be any truer, when I started off, I was just a woman with a ladder, people thought it was a bit bizarre to offer such a service, but passion and determination will carry you far. However, when I started out with zero experience my lights looked like a kindergartner who takes his crayons and colors outside the lines. Fast forward from 1999 to 2021 and I can tell you all those road bumps along the way, mistakes like blown breaker, and a hundred and one other “mistakes” were in fact learned lessons. Sure, we are not the cheapest Katy Christmas light installation company you will find but I think we are the best, and over 200 returning customers a year would agree. Let me decorate your home where the learning curves have already been smoothed out so that you don’t have to learn at the risk of an injury to yourself or your home. If you do decide that DIY holiday decorating is the way to go, don’t say we didn’t warn you and if you get stuck, I will come lend a helping hand!

Professional: Our team loves lights, the season, and having fun but you won’t catch us popping bottles of bubbly while working on your roof, or leaving the window cracked to run extension cords through, or leaving glue stuck around your window seals or doors frame. We are a professional business, who does what we say we are going to do. We show up on time to set up and take down your lights. We follow the golden rule treating our customers the with the same respect and courteous we would expect when hiring an HVAC or plumber to tend to our home. We use commercial grade, quality products that won’t catch your house on fire or make your energy bill sour. But yes- we do cost more than the average lawn or the local teenager who does this on the side. If you are looking for experienced, reliable, and professional Katy Christmas light installation business then you can count on our team at Christmas Wonder Lights to provide you an experience and spectacular display that will linger long after the lights have been removed. Give us a call to get the process started at 281-545-7740 or fill out our online form

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