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Fun Things To Do With Katy Christmas Lights

Whether you are a bargain hunter who has picked up some holiday lights you are looking to recycle or have decided to hire a Katy Christmas light installer instead of tossing away your lights we have found some invented ways to repurpose your lights instead of tossing them away. We have two crafts for you today, we will be making glitter lights ornaments or if you want to go all out you can take your refurbished Katy Christmas lights and create light bulb garland. For the first craft there are only five supplies you will need:

· Wax Paper

· Mod Podge

· paint brush

· Glitter

· C9 or C7 Christmas bulbs (either incandescent or LED)

Instructions To Create Katy Glitter Christmas Lights For Your Tree

Step 1: The first thing you want to do is to gather your supplies, a couple of plastic bowels (helpful but not required) and an assistants because the more the merrier.

Step 2: Now take your wax paper and lay it across the surface you’re going to be using.

Next take your small paint brush and apply the mod podge to the entire bulb, make sure you use plenty so the glitter will cover the entire bulb.

Step 3: Using your fingers or a spoon take the glitter that’s in the bowel and sprinkle it heavily with your choice of colored glitter so that the entre bulb is covered.

Step 4: Take the Christmas lights and lay them onto the wax paper and allow them to dry completely. While they will feel dry to the touch in about an hour, I would give them a full 24 hours to dry.

Step 5: If you want you can take some holiday stickers and add them onto white C9 bulbs so that they all do not look identical.

Katy Christmas Lights Garland

Supplies you will need

· Bakers twine (think candy cane red and white or the traditional red, white, and green)

· Christmas lights (C9 or C7)

· Glitter or Rust-oleum

If you already have finished the first craft, feel free to use these for this nifty craft but for our garland we are going to use the metallic colored spray paint.

Step 1: Take the bakers twine you have selected and wrap the twine, if you have a hard time of keeping it wrapped around the bulb then just use a couple dabs of hot glue to secure it into place.

Step 2: Next take your can of Rust-oleum and spray a few of the bulbs you did not wrap or again feel free to use glitter

Step 3: Using the left-over bakers twine measure out how long you want your garland to be then take your hot glue gun and dab a few drops of the glue to the very top of the bulb, for some homemade garland that you can place on your tree or use to decorate another area of your home.

Are You A Katy Homeowner Who Need Christmas Lights?

If you are not a crafter but want someone to come in and decorate your home for the holidays or you need a Katy Christmas light installer, then contact Christmas Wonder Lights. Our team offers holiday interior decorating as well as outdoor Christmas light installation in Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Brookshire, Sugar Land, and across Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller County. Our services are completely turnkey, this means we provide the lights and decorations as well as set up, maintenance, take down, and storage. Give us a call for a free pricing estimate today at 281-545-7740

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