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Houston Christmas Light Installation Tips For Residents

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November has arrived and for many people across the Houston area, this is the season when we light up our homes, but should you hire a pro or do it yourself? Today here is what we are going to share so that you make the right choice for your home this holiday:

· Common mistakes people make when installing their Christmas lights

· Why you should consider hiring a pro for your Houston Christmas light installation

· How to save money and time while still getting the full effect of your holiday lighting display

Houston Christmas Light Installation can be a long and stressful process, but by following these tips from Christmas Wonder Lights you will have the best holiday season yet.

Common Mistakes To Avoid Installing Your Christmas Lights

1. Using white lights: Now I know tis is the most popular color choice but where’s all the festive red, green, blue, and multicolored lights? Without color all the homes just seem to blend in, if you want your home to pop then adding even a splash of color like red to say the tips of the peaks on your home will help your home not to look dull. Before you decide on a color choice just think of the last time you drove around River Oaks or the Heights and slowed down at a home dressed in all warm white lights?

2. Just tossing up lights on a home without any plan is a common mistake people make. You don’t need an elaborate plan but putting a little thought into things will save you from having to track down lights should you run out before you’re finished or make a hundred trips back to the store to grab things like extra clips or an extension cord. Have a shopping list together and measure your home. The best way to measure your home is to use a laser light. Simple shone the red beam of light at the house and measure the length of your home and peaks so that you know how many lights to buy. If you are getting new lights, avoid retail grade lights. Buy cheap lights and they will look cheap. When one bulb goes out so will the rest and they will not have the same depth of brightness or match in color, so the design will never be as visually stunning as if you choose commercial grade lights that are crisp, clear, and bold. Spending money now will also save you money later.

3. Start Simple- Unless you have the expense and you’re the type of homeowner that says “go big or go home” start simple and add to your display each year until you have your home the way you want it to look. Perhaps this year you start with outlining your roof in lights then next year add some stake lights around your sidewalks and walkways and the following year add in those dazzling trees. When you choose commercial lights that can outrun the energizer bunny you will be able to do this which is another reason not to use retail lighting.

4: Safety First: If you are someone who prefers to keep both feet on the ground then consider hiring some help, perhaps do the groundwork like putting lights in the bushes or wrapping smaller trees while leaving the lights on your home to a Houston Christmas light installer, it will definitely save money and avoiding a trip to the ER. According to the Consumer Product Safety Counsel some 250 accidents a day occur during the holidays due to holiday decorating. If your comfortable working in a roof then makes sure you have the right equipment for the job like soft soled shoes, a ladder that’s the proper height, and someone on the ground to assist you.

Benefits of Hiring a Houston Pro For Christmas Light Installation

Saves Time: The holiday season is short so spending time with family and friends is most people’s top priory whether that’s attending festivals and events, holiday interior decorating, or going shopping for all those loved ones on your gift buying list. Don’t let the time of creating your holiday display get in the way instead contact a professional for your Houston Christmas light installation and fill your calendar with the things you enjoy doing while still enjoying a well lite home filled with twinkling lights.

Quality Lights: Another reason to hire a pro for your Houston Christmas light installation is they use quality products and should include maintenance as a part of the plan, this means your holiday display will look better and if something does go wrong, they will fix it instead of having to do your own trouble shorting. Have you ever tried to fund that ne bulb that’s burnt out, so the rest of your strand stays lite, it’s a headache no one wants to deal with during the busiest time of year?

Trained & Insured: A professional Houston Christmas light installer will be knowledgeable and experienced to provide you with a peace of mind, and they are better equipped to do a professional job that won’t leave you disappointed. When their insured this means that someone is willing to put money behind their experience. This also protects both the professional and you in case something comes up.

How Much Does It Cost To Hang Your Houston Holiday Lights?

This depends on a few variable, some Houston Christmas light ins takers charge by the foot and others by the size of home or their service package.

As a premier Houston Christmas light installer, we charge by the foot, if it’s a single-story walkable roof you will pay between $5.00 and $7.00 a linear foot and if you have a two story or a steep roof then you can expect to pay around $7.50 to $10.00 a linear foot depending on the type of lights you choose to use. There are many sizes of bubs but the most common for rooflines are C9 or C7 and for trees 5 MM and mini lights, for icicle lights or link lights the prices can escalate due to the intensive labor involved in creating you display.

How To Save Money With Your Houston Christmas Light Installation?

We have a few ways that customers can reduce the cost of their Houston Christmas light installation.

1. Book Early: Customers who choose to have their lights installed early will save money. Many people assume the day the lights are hung you have to turn them on but by keeping them unplugged you can shave money off the price since the business of the season doesn’t hit its peak until November 15th.

2. Donate your lights to the Houston zoo, when you change over to commercial lights, donate your unused or damaged retail grade lights and we will take them to the zoo and give you $25.00 off your Houston Christmas light installation.

3. Refer A Friend: We want you to be so pleased with your lights that your happy to refer us to your friends and family, for anyone who books their service we give you a $100 off.

Are you ready to get started, there is no risk and our estimates are free of charge so to get started with your Christmas light installation in Houston, Cypress, or Katy give us a call at 281-545-7740 or visit us online, complete the contact form and we will respond within 24 hours with an estimate.

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