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Houston Christmas Tree Decorating Guide

Written By: Lynette, CWL lead holiday decorator in Houston.

Looking to create the perfect Christmas tree that shows off your style and serves as the centerpiece for your home for the holidays? Then you've come to the right place! Our Christmas tree decorators in Houston will share our step-by-step process of designing the Ultimate Christmas tree for your Houston home. While we love elaborate Christmas trees, we have written this guide so that it's easily adjustable for you to use as a starting point.

<img src="/imgs/Christmas tree.jpg" alt="blue-and-white- Christmas- tree-decorated ">
Snow White & Royal Blue Christmas Tree- Houston

Our Christmas Tree Decorating Guide for Houston includes:

  • Choosing a Theme

  • How many ornaments per foot of the tree?

  • How much ribbon your Christmas tree should have?

  • Christmas tree picks and sprays

  • How to create a cluster

  • What size of tree skirt do you need for your size of Christmas tree?

How to Choose a Theme

<img src="/imgs/Christmas-decore.jpg" alt="Christmas-tree-decorating">
Bird of Feather Christmas Tree-River oaks Client

In Houston, where winters are mild, it may be hard, as Bing sings it, “to dream of a white Christmas,” so instead of our Holiday decorators, we recommend putting a Houston twist by giving your Christmas tree a unique lyrics and look. Birds of a feather? Candy Land? Retro? Or the classic green and red flair associated with the most wonderful time of year. Get creative, have fun with it, and think outside the box- just make sure to share to snap a pic and share it in the comments below. Once you have chosen your style and color pallet, it’s time to hit your favorite Houston Christmas store to fill up your shopping cart, but don’t think you must empty your wallet. There are several thrifty places to stock up on all the goodies, from Goodwill to Katy Christian Resale shop.

Step 1: Christmas Tree Ornaments

First, you want to determine the number of ornaments you wish to buy before you check to see what you already have that’s neutral such as glass, white, gold, and silver. This can also help you when you are choosing a theme.

Some of our holiday decorating clients want to keep it simple to reveal more of their Christmas tree, while others want to hang something on every branch where their tree is invisible. Below, our holiday decorators have provided their Christmas decorating chart to serve as a tool for how many ornaments you want according to your tree’s height. If you don’t have one yet- this will help you to stick to a budget. Ornaments can range from $1.00 to as much as $300.00 if you shop at Neiman’s or Lennox.

<img src="/imgs/Christmas -decore.jpg" alt="Christmas-decor-ornament-guide">

In addition to using this guide, we also suggest choosing four different styles and two choices of complementary colors; when you hire our Christmas tree decorating service, Houston clients can select from various ornaments in all shapes and sizes, from our standard 8.75 “to our 12" shatterproof ornaments that work great as a filler. Simply tuck the ball through the branches towards the pole to give your Christmas tree more depth and interest.

Step 2: Christmas Tree Picks & Sprays

If you really want to skip working with holiday decorating but don’t want to miss out on the designer impact, you’ll want to purchase several floral picks and sprays. Here’s why we use them:

1. They take up space.

2. Add splashes of color

3. Gives your tree texture.

The technique that makes our Christmas decorating company is Houston famous for other trees is called clustering in the decorating industry. This is where we select sprays to match the topper of your tree and group those picks with velvet poinsettias. This is a fun way to spruce up your Christmas tree and decorate wreaths and lux garlands with bursts of brilliant colors.

Our Houston clients receive one medium-sized cluster per every-foot tree in our holiday decorating packages. However, if you are taking the DIY route, use as many single florals and sprays as you want until you achieve the finished look. There are no hard and fast guidelines; this is about your personal flair.

<img src="/imgs/Chrstmas-treejpg" alt="blue-and-white- Christmas- tree-nutcracker-design">
Nutcracker Tree Topper- designed by Melissa

Step 3: Christmas Tree Ribbon

One of the things I love working with the most as a holiday decorator is ribbon; this is because there are so many vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns, textures, and sizes to choose from. However, when it comes to using it for your Christmas tree, you want to make sure that you choose a texture that easily holds its shape, especially if you want that tree up before December 1st.

Once you have spotted the right ribbon, most people ask, “How much ribbon does my tree need” So let our holiday decorators in Houston provide you with a helping hand. We suggest ordering at least three yards for every foot unless you want the ribbon to cascade down your tree. Then you will want an extra ten yards.

<img src="/imgs/ribbion.jpg" alt="Christmas- tree-ribbon">

As you will notice, a 7.5 and a 9 ft tree needs the same amount because each bolt only comes in ten yards, so take the access and use it to match your garland and wreath to your tree. Another way to use ribbon is to create an elaborate Christmas tree topper. Depending on the bow size you want, you will need at least 20” of ribbon for a single bow or twice as much for a double bow. Don’t forget to get extra floral picks as well to use at the top so everything ties together for that picture-perfect look.

Step 4: Select A Tree Skirt

The last thing you will need to purchase is your Christmas tree skirt. These skirts also come in all shades, materials, and sizes. Using the right skirt can spoil the whole look. Have you ever seen a large Christmas tree with a high tip count filled with ornaments? Gorgeous! But as your eyes gaze downward, you see a thin skirt; it spoils the whole look as it makes the tree appear top-heavy. So, to avoid this scenario of wrecking your perfect Christmas tree, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend a skirt that is 6” larger than the full width of your tree.

If you are looking for a picture-perfect Christmas tree skirt where you can sit for Christmas morning photos, then you’ll be happy to know our Houston Christmas store can assist you. We have something for everyone. Whether you wish to stay with the classic red and green or prefer to dial in your color palette, there are plenty of options to make sure your tree is everything you had hoped it would be.

Christmas Decorating Is Houston Made Easy

<img src="/imgs/Christmas tree decorator.jpg" alt="Holiday-decorating-Houston ">
CWL Christmas Tree Decorating Service

Does the thought of adding one more thing to your schedule make you feel overwhelmed rather than excited? Why not take the easier way by ordering one of our fabulous Christmas tree kits or scheduling your Christmas tree decorating services with our Houston professionals?

At Christmas Wonder Lights, we offer Christmas tree decorating services in Houston, Katy, Cypress, and the surrounding area. From trees and wreaths to Christmas light installation. Choose to bundle your services to instantly save 10%. Our Christmas tree services start November 1st- December 16th, though we encourage you to pre-order! For hassle-free holiday decorating in Houston call (281) 545-7740

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