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How much is Christmas Light Installation in Katy?

Its beginning to look a lot like the holidays everywhere you go that’s because Christmas is only 47 days away, If you have considered having Christmas light installation in Katy, Cypress, Missouri City, or the greatest Houston area then let us provide you with the cost of Christmas light installation in Katy and what this service should entail but before we do lets discuss the reasons why someone would want their Katy Christmas lights installed instead of doing it themselves.

1. Time: During the holidays there is a lot of hustle and bustle as your to-do list lengthens hiring someone for Christmas light installation in Katy will make your list shorter so you can enjoy the holidays

2. Steep Roofs: The last thing most men of the house want to do on their day off is hang their holiday decorations. Steep roofs, ladders, and heights can spook even the manliest man.

3. Physical Limitations: Some homeowners hire a Christmas light installation in Katy because they are no longer able to physically do it themselves due to physical limitations.

4. Experience: They want their home to look superb, they see other homes nicely decorated but they do not have the foggiest idea how to make their home look just as good when they only decorate one home, once a year where someone who is a professional light installer has years of time and experience to drawl from.

These four reasons is the repeated reasons why people reach out each year for a quote for Christmas light installation in Katy and throughout Fort Bend and Harris County but what can you expect to pay for Christmas light installation? This all depends on the person hanging your Katy Christmas lights. There are three prices models most companies use to provide you a quote

How much Christmas light installation in Katy cost by the linear footage.

One of the ways Christmas light installers in Katy charge is by the linear foot, the average cost for supplies if you are using professional grade lighting is $3.00 a linear foot to include custom cutting the lights to your roof, clips that are non-evasive and will not damage your gutter so shingles, timers that will keep your lights powered off and on, and of course an extension cords for outdoor usage. The cost of labor is almost the same if not more depending on the square footage of your home and the steep pitches on your roof. Many customers want to haggle over the prices, we can understand this service is not cheap however if you want someone to do a superior job and risk their life and not risk your home then you have to understand this is a business and as such it cost more than the guy who never shows up to remove your lights or the local teenager in the area who doesn’t have bills or insurance but if he were to fall off your roof it would cost you triple what you would have spent for a Katy Christmas light sticklers to hire an attorney.

How You Can Save Money Installing Your Katy Christmas Lights?

At Christmas Wonder Lights, we like to share a few ways to make your home sparkle and sleigh the season with saving on your Christmas light installation in Katy. The three ways we offer discounts is for customers who send other customers in our service area who schedule our Katy Christmas light company to install their holiday lights. We also offer 450.00 off when you donate your used Katy Christmas lights to the Houston Zoo to use for their wildlife fun and the last way, we have for customers to save during the season is our early bird discount. When you book your service before November 15th, we provide you with a $100.00 savings. Now if your someone who wants to turn those Katy Christmas lights on the night after Thanksgiving simply leave them unplugged and we will return to plug them back in, pretty simple!

How To Schedule Your Katy Christmas Light Service

Our role is to make the season as stress free and jolly as possible this is why we offer a no hassle complimentary quote, simply give us a call at 281-545-7740 or send an email along with your address and within 24 hours we will provide you with a free quote for your Christmas light installation in Katy, then once you agree to the estimate we come out to meet with you, help you turn your dream design into a reality, and schedule your service with a 500% deposit so that it locks in your date and pricing for the next 3 years. Then on the day of your installation our installer prompt arrives, crank on some holiday tunes, a d start making your home look like it belongs on the movie set of a Hallmark holiday film Aren’t you ready to get started making all your decorating wishes come true without having to listen to the husband grumble about climbing up a ladder, or having to spend your day off work hanging from a tree wrapping thousands of mini lights? We are standing by ready to answer your call so let’s get the holiday started right now! We look forward to hearing from you at 281-545-7740! We install lights all across including Fulshear, Cypress, and Houston

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