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How To Find Customers For Your Christmas Light Company

Around this time of year many Christmas light installers start thinking about next season and as the top Christmas light installation service for Katy we are often ask " How do I find customers?" today I want to share with you 3 ways to grow your business starting now so that you can have a lucrative season.

  1. Plan early: decide now where your going to find your Christmas lights, all lights are manufactured overseas this means you do not want to wait until the next minute to order Katy Christmas lights as a business or as a customers. Ask other local Christmas installers if they will share inventory with you this will drive your cost down.

  2. Invest in local SEO, we get calls all year around because we have a SEO firm who helps drive traffic to our website.

  3. bandit signs: Make sure that you buy signs and plenty of them come November to spread around town and while the City of Katy is going to love me for this on, put them out after 5:00 on Friday when the city closes and then have them picked up on Sunday.

  4. Networking, as you met people and other business share with them that your a Christmas light installer, if they seem interested collect their contact information and then follow up as the season draws nearer.

  5. Ask previous clients for reviews and then keep your Google My Business listing current.

Really its as simple as this and you will have more clients then you can manage. we look forward to kicking off the 2022 season of lights in just six months but until then we will post answers to your questions and if you want to get a head start or plan a spectacular jaw dropping display then don't wait, give us a call today. 281-545-7740.

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