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How To Remove Your Katy Christmas Lights Quickly

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Happy New Years, we hope all of our Katy Christmas light customers and beyond had a spectacular Christmas and a safe and happy new years eve! If you hired Christmas Wonder Lights for your Christmas light installation in Katy then your service is all inclusive, so you will not need to worry about having your lights removed, our team does it for you. However, if you are a do it yourselfer or the team who installed your light fails to return let us share with you a few helpful tips to remove your Katy Christmas lights fast and easy.

Tip # 1 Set up you ladder correctly

We all know that roof repairs cost a small fortune so the best way to protect your shingles is to make sure you never place the ladder directly on them. When placing a ladder keep it at a 75-degree angle and have it extended about 2 or 3 feet above the roofline. We want to ensure the ladder does not slip while removing your Katy Christmas lights. Once you have the ladder right where you need it be sure to lock it into place. Always be sure to have a helper who can spot you and is there to make sure you are safe while working on the ladder to remove your Katy Christmas lights. A helpful tool to use is a ladder stabilizer, especially if you are working on a steep pitched roof.

Tip #2 Never yank on your Katy Christmas Lights

When you remove your Kay Christmas lights make sure that you don’t yank or pull them of the house as the clips that attach them to your roof will go flying and it could lead to damages to your roof and lights as they fall carelessly to the ground. The best way to remove your lights is the way our Christmas light installation team in Katy does it.

Tip # 3 Shortcut To Remove Katy Christmas Lights

The simply, no hassle way to remove your Katy Christmas lights is one light bulb at a time or if you want a speedier way go to your local hardware store get the longest painters pole you can find which will cost around $20.00 and in a controlled fashion hook the pole around the light bulb and remove the strand of lights a little at a time while standing on the ground. No ladder required so not only is this the fastest method its also the safest.

Label Your Katy Christmas Lights

Once all the Christmas lights off the roof, you want to give a little thought into next year’s Christmas lights installation, Katy homeowners if you plan to hang lights next year then save yourself a little hassle and label the lights when you remove them. You can use this by getting assorted colors of zip ties so you know where each strand goes, or you can use cardboard. If you are using a permanent black marker, write the color of your Katy Christmas lights and where the lights go. As an example, peak: hang Christmas lights on peak or multicolored lights -gutters. Our Christmas light installers in Katy always mark the lights as this saves us time from having to guess where to install your Katy Christmas light the following year.

How To Safely Store Your Katy Christmas Lights

At the end of the season, storing your lights will save you from pending hours untangling all the words the next season. No one wants to hang Katy Christmas lights that are a tangled mess to deal with for this reason you want to wrap them around a spool or zip tie them together and place them in a clear tote or bin. To make a cardboard spool take a box and cut out a slot on each end to make a spool where the lights do not slip off. See the photo as an example. Another wonderful way to store them is using a craft dowel, you can pick one of these up at the local Michaels or Hobby Lobby in Katy and a piece of wood the size of the storage container. Simply screw the craft dowel to a wooden base then take your Katy Christmas lights and wrap them around the dowel in a S shape and place the stand into your tote. This will prevent your Christmas lights from becoming a tangled mess, or worse - broken.

Need Help Removing Your Katy Christmas Lights?

In January we inevitably hear from homeowners who hired a team of Christmas light installers in Katy, who do not return. While we may not have installed your Christmas lights in Katy, we do offer support. Don’t risk i! If you need your Katy Christmas lights removed our insured and trained Christmas light installation team in Katy would be happy to provide you a free quote, you contact Christmas Wonder Lights online or at 281-545-7740.

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