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How to store your Christmas lights, Katy

christmas lights katy

Now that the holiday season has ended, if you didn’t hire a Katy Christmas light installation company or the one you hired failed to show back up for a takedown, let us share with you how to store your Christmas lights like Katy Pros so that you do not spend hours next year having to detangle all those strands.

Tips For Storing Christmas Lights Katy

Removing Christmas lights in Katy doesn’t have to be a hassle, and there are a few tricks to ensure that if you don’t hire a Katy Christmas light installation crew, you have less of a mess next year when it's time to hang them on the rooftop with care. Before we tell you what to do, let us recommend what not to do.

1. Avoid tossing them into a box; rather than using cardboard, we suggest a plastic crate. If you want to use a box, use the one your Christmas lights came in if you still have one. Wrap the cord around the box instead of trying to fit it all back inside. To keep the strand from slipping off the cardboard, stab a wooden skewer through each end of the box.


2.      Instead of wrapping the cords of Christmas lights around your arm, we recommend using a cardboard cut-out. Use the same concept but replace your arm with a rectangular piece of cardboard. Cut it to about the size of a magazine and cut a slit in one end. Slide one of the ends of the strand lights in the slit and begin wrapping around the long edge of the cardboard until you run out of lights. You can even double up by interlocking multiple strands of Christmas lights per piece of cardboard. Once you're finished wrapping, plug the female and male connectors together to hold everything securely into place for next year.  

3 Use a plastic clothes hangers.

If you don't have enough cardboard, consider going to the local dollar store and stocking up on coat hangers or using spare ones from your closet. Please take one of the loose ends of the strand and hook it through one of the strap holders. Then, while keeping the cords taut, wrap it around the plastic hanger vertically, keeping it as neat as possible. When you're done covering, hook the other end in the other strap holder or plug it into the other end of the strand. Then, if you have room, rather than putting your Christmas lights in your Katy attic, store them in your closet, making them much easier to access.

4. Plastic twist ties — which work by wrapping one end of the wire over the other — are brilliant for keeping your Katy Christmas lights together. As well as holding them in place along fences, the ties can work wonders when storing them. Our Katy Christmas, light installation company, suggests that you first wrap the lights around your fist so they form loose loops about a foot in length. Then, tie one twist or secure one cable tie at each end and another in the middle. Store them in a plastic bin bag until next year.

5. Use a cord reel.

Another option is to purchase a cord reel, typically used for long extension cords. They come in several different styles, but the premise is the same. There are large cord reels with handles that can hold hundreds of feet of cord, or you can find a spindle with a handle. They range from just a few bucks to $70 on the high end.  Connect all your Christmas lights, attach one cord end to the roller, and spin until the strand is completely wound. Next year, unspool the strand of Katy Christmas lights when it's time to decorate for the holidays again.


Need help removing Christmas lights in Katy?

Each year, we receive a dozen calls or more from homeowners in Katy who need help taking down their Christmas lights. If you need a hand because your Katy Christmas light installation team didn’t come back in January, then now is your chance to give us a call, as space is minimal. We charge $225 for a two-story home and $125.00 for a single-story home. This price also includes storage throughout the year. Call us today at 281-545-7740 to schedule your removal with our Katy Christmas light installation crew.

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