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Katy Christmas Light Ideas

If you have been following this week’s blog, we are having fun doing projects that require Katy Christmas lights. Today I will show you how to make an inexpensive, yet stunning holiday ball made of red and white mini lights and a few supplies you can gather for under $5.00 to hang from your trees, patio or deck so before you toss away your mini lights let’s make some homemade holiday crafts to lite up your home and if you have kids, this is sure to keep them busy while having fun for several hours. Here are the supplies you will need:

· 2 Wire basket (for hanging)

· Floral wire

· Mini lights (we used red and white to match our candy cane theme)

Tip: Make sure that the lights you use are UL approved for outdoor usage to avoid any safety hazards.

Let’s Get To Crafting!

Step 1: before starting your project, you want to make sure to plug in your red and white mini-Christmas lights to ensure they work properly then take your two wire baskets and wiring them together using your floral wire or you can also use clear zip ties. Just as long as it makes the shape of a globe or large ball.

Step 2: Take your Christmas lights and begin wrapping them around the two basket that are shaped like a ball, per every feet of light you have you may want to use the zip ties or some floral wire to tie them securely to your decoration so that the lights stay in place. For a 10-inch ball of lights we used 200 mini-Christmas lights so that they really shine when hanging them onto your porch. If you used small baskets, then you may not need as many lights.

Step 3: using the baskets hardware attach a small Christmas light clip near the end of your mini lights and then hang your basket onto your porch, deck or on a tree branch. If you do not have hardware for your basket, you can always use these balls in your flower bed or add them anywhere that you want to have lights such as a large potted plant. Having a little front door holiday décor will create a warm welcome without spending much time or money.

Looking For A Katy Christmas Light Decorator?

Follow us throughout this week as we teach you simple crafts as our Katy Christmas light team gears us for the holidays. Remember if you are looking for a free pricing estimate for holiday interior decorating or a Katy Christmas light installation contact Christmas Wonder Lights but hurry, we do book up fast! You can call us at 281-545-7740 or visit us online.

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