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Katy Christmas Light Installation

Everyone loves the look of twinkling lights that shine brightly on a chilly night during the holidays but these light do not happen without having someone hang them, most of those dazzling displays that make you tap on the breaks to stop and stare were designed by a Katy Christmas light company like Christmas Wonder Lights but if you want to take the do it yourself approach make sure to follow our blog for safety and decorating tips, if you get overwhelmed give us a call at 281-545-7740.

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Katy Christmas Light Installing Holiday Lights

Katy Christmas Light Installation Safety tips

Just hw difficult could it be to hang some sparkling light, well it harder then what most people would bargain for not to mention risky. Most homeowners don't spend much time on their roof, so if your a company who hire a company for gutter cleaning or roof repairs then you may want to think twice before attempting this especially during the holidays. Thousands of DIY holiday enthusiast are injured every year due to these fun and festive displays, some of those injuries are fatal and that doesn’t just go for novices, This Christmas light business. Read this article about one North Texas man hanging lights for Christmas cash that fell off a roof and tragically was killed trying to make extra money. People assume Katy Christmas light installation services just say this as some marketing ploy- but that could be farthest from the truth. Safety is crucial and should be your first priority if you’re planning to decorate your home or business.

The Electrical Safety Foundation created a checklist for do it yourselfers that can save your life. Make sure to read and follow their safety standards

Only purchase decorations for a trusted retailer- don’t buy secondhand lights from yard sales or thrift stores.

Use lights where they were designed to go- if they have a red tip then you can use them indoor or outside, if they don’t then hang these lights in a home because they are not weatherproof. Read and follow the manufactures guidelines – remember your dealing with live wires that can not only injury you but destroy your home.

If you are using incandescent lights then never attach more than three strands together, its best to use LED lights they don’t get hot and are such much safer lights then incandescent plus they keep your electricity bill from shooting through the roof.

Make sure to find and test all your electrical outlets outside of your home before installing your Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Avoid overloading the outlets as this can cause shock injuries or start a house fire.

If you’re using a set of lights you have used for years make sure they are in tip-top shape, no loose ends, frayed ends, and that all bulbs work properly. Again, we stress that if your working with used incandescent lights consider switching to LED.

Never run lights or extension cords through windows and doors, only used extension cords that are for outside.

Always use a dusk to dawn timer, some of these can be reasonable and will ensure that your lights shut off and on at a designated time- the dials have 4-hour, 6 hour, and 8-hour options. Its good to use these for your trees as well. If you need to replace a broken or burnt-out bulb always unplug the lights from the outlet.

Test all stands of your lights and make sure you have the proper equipment – all light should be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved. The UL has been testing lights for years and trying to prevent electrical tragedies.

Tips For Ladder Safety

<img src="Christmas light installation.png" alt="ladder safety tips for Christmas light installation">
Read the Ladder safety Tips- Then tell us what is wrong with this picture

Majority of the accidents that occur from sprains and broken bones to puncture wounds, internal injuries to organs and fatalities are due to falling off roofs or ladders. While these tips ware not accident proof they can help, again if you’re not comfortable getting on a roof don’t risk it- not even for Christmas cheer or to appease the Mrs. Some if these rules seem common sense but we share them anyways because its always better to air on the safe side when working with a ladder.

The state law requires that all businesses have two people be present when working off a ladder, while this rule doesn’t apply to homeowners it exists for a reason, so make sure to enlist a helper.


Before pulling your ladder out go over it with a fine-tooth comb make sure the rungs, steps or treads are not loose and the side rails are fixed securely. If they have any substances such as grease, oil, paint, or mud clean them off so there not slippery.

When installing your Katy Christmas lights find a stable surface to place the ladder on if it’s not tall enough get a new ladder but don’t place anything underneath it.

Keep three points of contact while on a ladder that means putting both hands firmly on the rung, before climbing up it. Don’t break the 3-point contact until your feet hit the ground and face the ladder while waking up it. Never step onto the top rung. It can be tempting for some but when you do the ladder is prone to tip over

Make sure your helper keeps the ladder held firmly and doesn’t move it without letting you know/ never overload a ladder, there is a maximum lad rating for a reason – your safety!

Tips For Katy DIY Christmas Light Installation

  • Plan for a day that it’s not going to be raining by checking weather alerts on your phone and start early in the day, so you don’t get caught up on a roof at dark.

  • Don’t put your ladder onto the gutters

  • Use soft sole slip resistant shoes if you’re walking on the roof to make sure not to damage your shingles.

  • Gather all the supplies and wear a handyman apron that has pockets to keep supplies like gutter clips so that your hands remain free.

  • Keep the ends of the lights covered with painters tape so that no rain or water gets into the open end.

Looking For A Katy Christmas Light Service?

<img src="Katy Christmas Lights.png" alt="Katy Christmas Light Installation Company">
Katy Christmas Light Installation Service

If all of this seems too much of a hassle or you attempt to do it yourself and get overwhelmed, then give our experienced team a call. We have been installing Christmas lights for 20 years. Never put your safety on jeopardy. For more holiday decorating tips visit us online or give us a call at 281-545-7740 we would be happy to offer you pointers- we also provide Christmas light installation in Houston, Cypress, Sugar Land and Pecan Grove. From our family to yours we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season

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