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Katy Christmas Light Installation Service Shares Green Ideas For Holiday Decorating

Christmas light installation in Katy for our eco friendly residents, who could have imaged it! For many of us we are thoughtful about finding ways to minimize our carbon footprint throughout the entire year so why not at Christmas. As a Christmas light installation service, we believe following these tips you will have a festive season while also protecting our planet with these four tips. Before we get started let us share why we are sharing this post. A recent study done by the Energy Savings Trust showed that during the holidays, each person produces over a thousand pounds of carbon dioxide emissions which is equal to three weeks of driving down interstate 45 or enough carbon to generate over 15,000 hot air balloons - yikes! This means Christmas is an environmental tragedy but if we work together and all do our part, we can turn this around by going green. How? Simply by following these simple tips.

Go Green With Your Katy Christmas Light Installation

During the holidays as we are enjoying lights, trees, and holiday feast its easy to loose sight of how this can negatively impact our environment. This year by following just a few simple tips we can reverse the environmental consequence of the holidays.

Repurpose Katy Christmas Lights and Save Money On Your Christmas Light Installation

If you have been following our blog, we have shared plenty of ways to repurpose holiday lights by making fun and festive crafts. However, for those of you who want to hire our Christmas light installation service in Katy we will take your old lights, donate them to the Houston Zoo wildlife fund, and give you a $50.00 credit. Not only does this help you go green, save some money, but all the proceeds benefit a worthy cause. Speaking of repurposed items why not take that old sled you have yet to toss away, prop it up to a tree streaming with lights, add a burlap wreath and create a rustic holiday theme.

Have Low Voltage LED Christmas Lights Installed on Your Katy Home

Did you know that incandescent lights use almost 90% more energy? Make sure your Christmas light installation service in Katy uses LED lights, its by far the greenest form of electricity powered lighting as it uses par 30 light bulbs compared to incandescent lights which uses 60 watts. LED lights also last longer, burn brighter, and have spade many of tragic house fires. Anther way to cut down on your carbon footprint is using solar powered lighting as they use zero electricity, and you never have to worry about turning them off and on. They work very similar to LED lights except they are powered off the sun so only use these lights if they can gain access to the sun. Make sure to also keep the battery fresh do that during the day the batter powered panel and recharge to light your home up each night.

Christmas Trees

Each year there is 350 million trees sold throughout the holiday season but only 10% or 30 million are live trees. When you use an artificial tree, it creases a gigantic carbon footprint, so this year consider enjoy the look and smell of a live tree and make a new family outing by heading to chop one down. Just outside of Katy is Brookshire Dewberry Farms where you can take home a live tree, enjoy loads of holiday fun and help our environment, and since we are at it why not consider other indoor décor made from the great outdoors such as pinecones, berries, and birch twig Talk about a win-win!

Katy Christmas Light Installation Packages

Looking for more ways to go green then check out tomorrow article and if you are consider Katy Christmas light installation then be sure to give Christmas Wonder Lights, your premier holiday decorating company serving the greater Houston area a call at 281-545-7740 or visit us online, but hurry the season is short an we do book up quickly!

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