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Katy Christmas Lights Up On The Rooftop


Up on the housetop, Katy's Christmas lights hang Call Out our jolly fellows to do it well All for the little ones, Christmas joys

Oh, who wouldn't call? Who wouldn't call? To stay off the housetop, ring, ring, ring!

The center stage for all your Katy Christmas lights is your housetop. Since Christmas decorating happens from the top down, today we want to share your ideas for creating a perfect foundation for your Katy Christmas lights to shine.

The first rule of Christmas light installation is to choose quality lights. The season is short; most Katy homeowners have Christmas lights for six weeks or less, so you want to ensure the bulbs stay lit. We recommend either C7 or C0 bulbs because of their large presence; they really illuminate your rooftop.

Another popular Katy Christmas light option we install is icicle lighting. These give you the look of fallen snow, which we don’t see much of unless we travel over the winter break. These lights work great for roof awnings, overhangs, peaks, and windows.

The newest type of lighting our Christmas light installation crew offers is cascade light tubes. These will really make your home stand out with their unique dripping effect and subtle motion. Your home will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Katy Christmas Light Colors


Christmas lights come in a full spectrum of bright colors, leaving no limit to your creative possibilities when choosing a theme for your display. The most popular color is warm white, which provides a soft candlelit glow. If you want to add a splash of color, they work great with red, green, or blue color tones. One of my personal favorites is multicolored.

Our multicolored lights are available in all the most popular Katy Christmas light options, including C7 & C9 bulbs and icicle string lights. Carry your roof display out into the yard with multicolor mini or 5mm lights!

Creative Katy Christmas Light Themes

Alternating bulb colors and creating patterns is another playful way to draw attention to your Katy Christmas light display. The color combinations below are some of the most requested by homeowners in our area.

  • Christmas Classic - Red and Green

  • Candy Cane - Red and White

  • Astro- Blue and Orange

  • Winter Wonderland Blue and White

  • Beach Bliss - Blue and Green

One thing to note is our Christmas light installation company in Katy has phased out all glass and incandescent lights and only offers LEDs. This is because LEDs use 90% less electricity and last longer, so rarely do we receive a call that a bulb has stopped working and in the event we do, it’s only one bulb rather than the entire strand.

Combine Katy Christmas Light

If you aren’t sure whether you want large bulbs or icicle lights, why not have both by combining two styles across your rooftop? This will give your home a multidimensional design that will look different from all the other homes in your subdivision. To achieve this layered look, an all-in-one clip can be used to hang both types simultaneously on gutters.

How to Install Katy Christmas Lights

Let our Christmas light installers give you a few tips if you are a DIY homeowner.

Measure first – Christmas light installers always have a tape measure and wheel handy. There is no other way to accurately determine how many lights will be needed and what lengths of cord to use.

The right light clip makes all the difference; make sure to use an all-in-one style and only one clip per bulb.

Use a dusk-to-dawn timer to automatically turn your Katy Christmas lights on and off. Plug it in and forget it until the holiday season is over.

Carefully remove and adequately label all of your holiday lights to make next year's installation easier.

For a free estimate from your Christmas light installation company in Katy offering Christmas lights and decorating services, call (281) 545-7740.

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