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Outdoor Presents Using Katy Christmas Lights

Today we are going to share how to make outside presents to place on steps or under those large oak trees using Katy Christmas lights. For this project you will need the following supply list.


· Katy Christmas Lights- Mini or Fairy size

· Dowels

· Deco Mesh

· Ribbon

· Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

· Paint that matches the deco mesh

If you are a holiday crafter then likely you have these items on hand but f not you can find them either at your local dollar store or at Walmart. This is a very budget friendly craft that looks just like the presets you would purchase for $30 or more. The larger the dowels you use the larger the box, so we prefer to use the foot long wooden craft dowels. For a large present you need two roles of the deco mesh and for the smaller just a roll should do. For ribbon make sure it is the wire edge ribbon, we used some we picked up after the holidays when everything is deeply discounted. For each present we use a strand of 25 outdoor UL approved Katy Christmas lights.

How To Assemble Your Katy Christmas Light Presents

Step 1: The first step you will do after warming up your hot glue gun is to take your craft dowels and form a box on the area where you’re working then dab a glue around each corner so that the form the box you need. Just take t one side at a time and make sure it’s the size of box you want to decorate. Glue four into a square and connect the dowels at a 90-degree angle. Do this until it forms the perfect square.

Step 2: Now that you have your box you want to stand the box straight up then you want to take some paint, we used white and painted the wooden sticks so that you don’t just have bare pieces of wood unless you want to go for the burlap look which is very trendy. Allow the paint a full 24 hours to dry.

Step 3: Take your deco mesh and just like a Christmas package start to wrap it around your box. Make sure that it lays out evenly, is pulled snuggly and then glued to the wooden dowels. It can be a little time consuming as you have to hold the mesh into place to give your hot glue a little time to dry before repeating the step.

Step 4: After you create the package you want to take your Katy Christmas lights and form them around the inside of your present. Once you have your Katy Christmas lights where you want them you need to glue them into place. Some crafters use fairy lights as they are battery operated however, we prefer to use mini lights as they can be reused year after year.

Step 5: Now you’re going to create the top, you need to make a bow that fits on top of your present or you can pick one up at the local craft store like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Craftex in Houston. Making bows can be a craft experience all in itself so it may be easier just to purchase one. Once the bow is secure to your Katy Christmas light package your ready to plug it in, set it up outside and enjoy.

Looking For A Katy Christmas Light Installer?

While December is here, and most Katy residents have their Christmas lights installed it’s never too late to get into the holiday spirit. If your looking for someone who offers an all inclusive package that includes installation, removal, storage, and your Katy Christmas lights then give Christmas Wonder Lights a call, we are still taking orders for next week and have even installed Katy residents Christmas Lights on the night roof Santa arrival. Call 281-545-7740 or visit us online, please include your email and home address so we can measure your home using Google Earth and send you over a quote, if your wanting trees, bushes, or stake lighting these are items we can come out to measure- don’t delay call today!

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