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Prevent your Katy Christmas Lights from tripping a breaker

Are you a homeowner who loves Katy Christmas lights illuminating your rooftop and wrapped around those large oak trees? Well, you’re hardly alone. Christmas lights are a holiday staple that dates all the way back to 1882 and there are over 150 MILLION light sets sold each year. However, before you shimmy up the ladder to install your Katy Christmas lights if you don’t, your display to go pitch black when you plug them in then you may want to follow are professional installation tips to avoid blowing a fuse or tripping your circuit breaker while trying to create your beautiful holiday display.

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How to safely install Katy Christmas lights

Many homeowners are confused the week after Thanksgiving when they start decorating and throw the switch for their displays only to plunge their entire home into darkness. To understand why Christmas lights, trip the circuit breaker, you’ll need to understand how circuit breakers work.

The circuit breaker is designed to protect circuits from being overloaded with too much electricity and starting fires. When you demand more electricity from a circuit than what is considered safe, the circuit breaker trips and automatically shuts off the power for your home. It serves an important purpose and chances are if you like most residents then you likely purchased retail grade material from a big box store. If this is the case read the box over and you will notice that you are not to plug more than 3 to 5 strands together. This is one reason if you plan on creating that jaw-dropping display that would make Chevy Chase envious you should at least consider investing in commercial-grade lighting and materials. If you insist on store-bought lights then you may want to rearrange your plugs, move a few things around, and flip all the necessary switches in your fuse box. If you need help locating your home’s fuse box, our best tip is to look for the grey control panel on the wall. It’s usually somewhere near your hot water heater or furnace.

Find a Different Outlet

Another Christmas light issue we see Katy homeowners make is trying to plug too many things into the same wall, which generally runs in a series. If you have kitchen appliances plugged in and turned on, along with Christmas lights you’ll probably trip the circuit. Just because you have all your lights plugged into a surge protector doesn’t mean your home is immune. The same is true if you have too much power being drawn from one section of your home. Distribute it to keep your holiday cheer afloat so you can enjoy your Katy Christmas lights uninterrupted!

Utilize Outdoor Katy Christmas Lights

When shopping for lights pay attention to what type you choose. Make sure the box says they are safe for outdoor usage. If you store your holiday decorations and forget which lights, go where here is another top. Plug in your lights, if there is a red tip this means they can safely be used inside or outside your home. If there is no red tip then this means you should only use these Christmas lights indoors as they are not designed to resist the weather elements such as heat and rain or they can cause the breaker to trip. Also, you want to make sure that you use a 120-volt plug and outdoor extension cords for your Katy residential Christmas light. Indoor extension cords are not recommended for outdoor displays and should be kept inside. Failing to adhere to an extension cords usage capabilities could result in a blown fuse or even start an electrical fire!

More Tips For Installing Your Katy Christmas Lights

# 1 Attach No More Than 3 Strings End-to-End

You’ll need to check the instructions that came with your Christmas lights to determine how many strings you can safely attach end-to-end. In general, our installers recommend not attaching more than three strings of retail-grade holiday lights end-to-end.

# 2 Use Outdoor Power Outlet Stakes

If you have ambitious plans for your Katy Christmas light display this year, you may want to pick up some outdoor ground stakes that are similar to using a surge protector in that they offer several outlets with overload protection options.

Need help creating your Christmas light display?

If you are still tripping the circuit breaker after following our tips, we recommend contacting our professional and insured installers at Christmas Wonder Lights. We want you to have your jaw-dropping display while being safe. Our services are all-inclusive and come with lights, clips, cords, timers, and full service including set up and take down after the season. For more Katy Christmas light tips follow our blog or give us a call to schedule your 2022 holiday light display at 281-545-7740

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