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Recent Pecan Grove Lights Display

Over the last few days our Christmas light installers were in Pecan Grove hanging lights and we wanted to share our latest project with you. This Pecan Grove light customer wanted a candy cane, red and white holiday design. April and her family are new to the area and having been overseas missionaries they had no idea about Pecan Grove Lights during the holidays so here is how we designed her home.

Installing Pecan Grove Lights

For the roof top and peaks of April home we trimmed them in commercial grade C9 (big bulb) LED lights. What are commercial grade lights, you ask, well the biggest difference between retail lights and commercial grade lights is they are clearer and brighter. On retail lights, they only have 1 diode this is because they are actually a mini light with a C9 casing and as a result this means you receive different shades of white. There are over a thousand different shades of white, in fact if you were to go to Walmart open 20 boxes of lights and plug them all in you will start to notice the different pigmentation for some this is no big deal but if you’re paying to have your Pecan Grove lights professional installed you want them to look their absolute best. Another great factor between commercial grade lights and retail lights is our Christmas light installers in Pecan Grove custom cut each strand precisely to fit your roof line and home. Commercial grade lights also last 10 X longer so while they cost more upfront, since they last longer and when one light goes out the rest of the strand remain lights it provides superior results for your Pecan Grove lights to shine bright all season long!

Once we finished the roof, we add mini lights to her two trees, so they had a beautiful red and white candy cane look to them. On a large tree it will take you 3000 to 7000 lights. A better way to figure out how many mini light you will need for a tree is for every foot you can figure 100 lights. Now if you are using retail grade lights for your Pecan Grove home, flip over the box and you will see you can only plug in 5 sets of lights that’s 500 lights or 5 feet, this is where commercial grade mini lights come in handy because they can connect thousands of lights without a single issue.

Once the rooftop and trees were light up we moved to the walkways and trimmed the entire yard in holiday lights alternating red and white C9 bulbs every foot apart. Since snapping pictures of Pecan Grove lights is difficult make sure to drive by the candy cane home as you visit Pecan Grove to see all the lights, they have this holiday season.

Looking For Christmas Light Installation In Pecan Grove?

While many people want their homes light up in Pecan Grove the day after Thanksgiving, you want to make sure to book early as many Christmas light installers in Pecan Grave are already booked for the season, since we have a large crew, we do still have openings and our quotes are free of charge so make sure to contact Christmas Wonder Lights for your free pricing quote. Our estimates can be provided over the phone and then to firm up your quote we come to your home, show you the lights we have to offer and work with you to create your magical holiday light display in Pecan Grove. Don’t Delay Get On List Today- 281-545-7740

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