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Safety Tips Christmas Light Installation in Houston

Looking up at that roof can be a scary sight if you’re the man of the home in charge of Christmas light installation for your Houston home. Recently we installed Christmas lights for a Houston roofer, who refused to climb on his own roof. Here’s how the roof looked in the day light. While our team can give you a few tips to make your holiday display easier the one trick we have yet to master is shrinking your home or the square footage of lights you will need or making your roof easier to scale, if we could do that then we would be millionaires! Instead, we will provide you with a few tricks of the trades.

Installing Christmas Lights on a Steep Roof in Houston

The first trick is to get a great set of footwear, one type of shoe that adheres well to an asphalt roof is Nike cross fit, but you may also want to buy you a good pair of cougar paws. These boots are the most preferred shoes for Christmas light installers in Houston because they have been tried and tested on 12/12 pitches that will protect the installer from rolling or stumbling, creating better balance.

Another preferred tool is known as the GOAT, yes just like the animals that climb all those rocky terrains and steep heels. This, tool connect to the ridge line if your roof and comes with little steps that makes the climb much faster and smoother.

Aside from tools here are a few other safety things you want to consider for Christmas light installation in steep roofs in Houston.

1. Never carry up heavy items when walking onto a roof, make sure you enlist what we call a ground guy. His job is important for your safety. The duty of the ground guy is to hand things up to you and make sure the ladder is safe and secured into place.

2. Use a ladder that is the appropriate height for your roof. The ladder should provide you a 7 to 10 feet overhang on the roof.

3. Never walk onto a roof when it is wet. In Houston we don’t see as much rain during the November and December months as we do spring and summer, but we do have dew in the early mornings so make sure you wait until around 9 am hen the sun has been up a few hours to dry the dew off the roof. You also want to avoid heavy winds.

4. Wear suitable clothing – you want to wear loose fitted clothing, so you have a larger range of motion but not so loose fitting that they and snag onto the roof or tangle you up in the lights.

5. Lean Forward: Much like a dancer a Christmas light installer must be aware of the way they position their body. Lean into not away from the roof. The steeper the roofs pitch the more you want to lean forward or if possible, walk sideways placing both feet together when you take a step on the roof.

Tips For Hiring a Christmas Light Installer in Houston

There is more to consider then just beautiful lights, while this is the goal its best to work with a Christmas light company in Houston that is insured and will protect the investment of your roof. A roof is one if the most expensive and necessary components of your home, so you don’t want to hire just any Christmas light installer in Houston. We have been told more than once we are not the cheapest Christmas light company in Houston this is because with our industry being unregulated anyone can choose to hang lights but if they are nit insured or experienced your leaving your home to chance. Christmas lights are beautiful and festive to enjoy but if you hire just anyone what happens if they fall off your roof, who’s responsible for their trip to the emergency room? You! What happens if they damage your shingles, you may think your homeowners policy will cover it but most do not cover Christmas lights therefore the money you just saved hiring the cheapest Christmas light installer in Houston is now triple because you must pay to repair your roof. Instead choose a safety-first company to install your Christmas lights in Houston like Christmas Wonder Lights.

Why Choose Our Christmas Light Installers in Houston?

1. We are fully insured- if an accident occurs, we are liable not the homeowner or commercial business who hired us.

2. If damages were to occur to your roof, windows, or gutters we repair them at no cost to you.

3. We are a safety-first company, this means our team is trained and experienced in handling steep roofs and will take care of you, your home, and all your holiday decorating needs.

4. Instead of doing it yourself – sit back, relax, and enjoy your hassle free holidays, Our service is all inclusive this means we provide the lights, clips, cords, and timer as well as installation, removal, storage and in the event a board flies into a light and breaks them or the squirrels chew up the cord simply call us within 24 hours and we will return to repair or replace your Christmas light so they burn brightly all season long.

5. Our quite are hassle free- unlike many other Christmas light companies in Houston, we don’t just send you over a quote, but we come out, take measurements, show you the exact lights we will install and work with you to plan your dreamy holiday display. Our estimates are free do don’t delay- call us today to get started at 281-545-7740 or you can also use the contact form on our page just make sure to leave us your email and address o we can send over a rough estimate by email and schedule a time to meet with you If you book in October or after December 8th you will save 20% so don’t delay contact us today for your Christmas light installation in Houston, Pecan Grove, Cinco Ranch, or anywhere in the Harris or Fort Bend County area.

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