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Schedule Your Christmas Light Installation in Katy

Everyday Fort Bend and Harris County is getting a little brighter, this evening as we left from installing Christmas lights for a Katy homeowner, we could see the roof tops of homes along interstate 99 blinking brightly which led us to consider those homeowners who do not think you should have your Christmas light installation in Katy until after Thanksgiving. Believe it or not we understand holiday fatigue still in, yet you want to secure you spot on the calendar or you may just be out if luck here is why.

Why Schedule Your Christmas Light Installation in Katy Early.

1. Light Shortage: The reason there is such as short supply of lights, garland and wraths is because there is a shortage if dock workers and truck drivers. We often praise our first line responders from nurses to police officers but let’s not overlook our truck drivers. Without these 18 wheels rolling along the freeway, we would have empty shelves. In October the American Trucking Association said 80.000 more truck driver positions needed to be filled. There is also a short supply of labor, and all this means a huge mess for getting decor from foliage to lights.

2. Labor Shortage: In the 22 years we have been in the Christmas light installation business in Katy we have never experienced a shorter supply of staff to choose from then now. While our team is large we have more homes then we have crew members because let’s face it getting on a roof is not for the faint at heart. There is a risk involved and some of the Christmas lights we install in Katy attach to roofs that are tricky, with steep peaks. This is why we pay our employees well and paying them well means Christmas light installation in Katy is affordable but not cheap. We can’t charge $99.00 a house takes 4 hours to do it, provide the lights and pay our employees to take care of their families. Sorry folks this is just not feasible but consider all that your service entails.

What is All Inclusive Christmas Light Installation in Katy?

1. Design Consultation: For some people they know exactly the way they want their home to look once the light turn on but for others we spend an hour or longer helping them to plan their magical holiday display. We want to be sure you love your Christmas light installation in Katy so much that you tell your family, friends, and neighbors.

2. Materials: At Christmas Wonder Lights, our Christmas light installation in Katy comes with professional or commercial grade lights, non-evasive clips that will not hard your roof shingles or gutters, extension cords, and timer that makes everything run without having to touch a thing.

3. Labor: Our Christmas light installation in Katy comes with trained and insured installers who care about your display as much as you do. If a bulb were to break or burn out they are there within 24 hours to replace or repair your display or just one bulb. Then they remove everything after the holidays and take it to storage, so you never have to mess with a box of lights.

Free Christmas Light Installation Estimate For Katy Homeowners

If you are looking for all-inclusive Christmas light installation in Katy then look no further, we charge only $6.50 a linear foot for our packages and our estimates are free of charge so don’t delay until the calendar is filled call our Christmas light installation service in Katy, Sugar Land, and Missouri City today at 281-545-7740 or visit us online, fill out our short contact form proving us your address and email so that we can send you over a quote within 24 hours.

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