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Sienna Plantation Christmas Lights

<img src="Sienna Christmas lights.png" alt="Sienna Planation Christmas lights>

Holiday lights and decorating are what really bring the spirit of Christmas alive to areas in Fort Bend like Sienna Planation where there is never snow on the ground or wintery temperatures in the air. However, if you are the person responsible for installing lights on a two-story home or a roof that looks like this – its also dangerous, even for rookie installers some roofs are tricky to navigate because the roofs are slick or steep so today we are going to share a few tips of the Christmas light installation trade to share how we install Christmas lights in Sienna Planation and other areas across Fort Bend where you will need more than a ladder to get the roof tops trimmed in lights. If you are a do it yourselfer, make sure to use roof brackets, a safety harness, and some commonsense roof smarts or call a Sienna Planation Christmas light installer like Christmas Wonder Lights who is trained, insured, and has the right equipment to get your two story home ready for the holidays while you stay safe and firm on the ground.

Christmas Lights Safety - Steep Roofs & Two-Story Homes

<img src="Christmas light installation.png" alt="installing Christmas lights on a two story home">

The majority of homes where Christmas lights are installed in Sienna Planation are two story or have a roof that is slick and steep so we recommend using a safety harness system, it’s the next best thing to a parachute so while it cost $ 300 to $500 its your pair of wings that can literally save your life. You will also need an extension ladder that extends 3 feet taller than the roof so that you’re never standing on the top rung, we recommend using a fiber glass ladder because they provide better protection if your roof is near a power line. Always make sure that whatever type of ladder you use is level on the ground. 43% of all construction accidents that are fatal occurred due to ladders and over 15,000 [people a year end up in the ER while installing holiday decorations largely in part because they did not use ladder safety rules so while there are more entertaining things to do then learn how to install Christmas lights on a two-story home its better safe then sorry. With that said let’s make sure that once the ladder is on a stable surface its secured. Next fasten the ladder with rope or a ladder secure strap this will keep to from going sideways as you step onto the ladder to install your Christmas lights. Avoid just placing the ladder against your gutters, wiggling it a bit to decide its secure enough and start climbing, Yes, that’s less time consuming but safety saves lives. Now that your ladder is secure you now want to get up to the rooftop but do not carry your Christmas lights up the ladder instead rely on a helper or hoist them up using a bucket pully system. Here are a few other roof safety tops to follow while installing your Sienna Planation Christmas lights.

  • Wear shoes with a rubber sole or Cougar Paws if you’re getting into the business of Christmas light installation.

  • Choose a dry day to install your Christmas lights don’t ever attempt to work on a wet roof or a windy day

  • Make sure if you have a helper to have them tell you if they go to move the ladder, if your working solo then let people know you’re working above

  • While installing Christmas lights carry all your supplies in a workers apron to keep your hands free or place the lights, cords, and clips in a bucket that you hang on the roof bracket.

  • Make sure all extension cords are secured so their not under foot as this can be a slip and fall accident waiting to happen.

  • If you have a clay tile roof, cedar shank, or slate roof if you’re not experienced it best to work off the ladder or if the home is super steep a scissor lift. Chances are you will have other neighbors in Sienna Planation wanting Christmas light installation so rent the equipment for the weekend and get everyone’s lights up and your neighborhood shinning brightly.

Using A Safety Harness To Hang Christmas Lights In Sienna Plantation

<img src="Christmas light safety.png" alt="using a safety harness to install Christmas light in Sienna Planation">

You can never be too safe when it comes to installing Christmas lights especially if you’re dealing with a two-story home in Sienna Planation. While low pitched roofs make things easier if you have eaves over 12 feet from the ground you may want to consider using a safety harass. Seriously, this may all seem a bit overdramatic but if you walk away after a roof incident you will understand why safety is of the utmost importance. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has no requirement for Christmas light installers, the keyword being “occupational” and you will not be fined for hanging holiday lights or decor without safety equipment but it does not remove the hazard, besides it’s difficult to have a holly jolly Christa’s while wearing a cast so if you have a steep roof or a two story make the investment.

There are several videos that will walk you step by step how to use one properly so for the sake of time we will keep this shirt and simple.

Secure the roof anchor to the ridge beam, if this is your own home or you hire a Christmas light installer in Sierra Planation every year you may also consider installing a safety D ring or permanent roof anchor for under $100.00 this will make sure you or anyone you hire to works on your roof is able to do so safely. Give yourself plenty of roof to make sure you have the access to every area of the roof where you installed Christmas lights. Make sure to mount the roof anchors to the peak n closer than 6 feet from the edge line and then reposition the rope to minimize the sack in the rope between you and the anchor. Bare on mind that the harness is just a part of the entire system, there is also the rope, roof anchor, lanyard, and rope grab. This system must all work properly to protect you but if you ask any Sienna Planation Christmas light installer most will admit they have had a close call on a roof because roofs are a dangerous place to work from so stay safe and focused or hire a professional Christmas light installation servicing Sierra Planation like Christmas Wonder Lights.

Sienna Planation Christmas Light Installation

<img src="Christmas lights Sienna Planation.png" alt="Christmas light installation in Sienna Planation">

If working off a roof or at heights is a concern or you simply do not have the time to light up your home for the holidays, then call Christmas Wonder Lights. We offer professional Christmas light installation to Sierra Planation and Pecan Grove homeowners. Our services are all inclusive, so we provide the lights and décor as well as the labor to install, maintain, and remove the lights. Once the holidays are over, we take down the lights and store them you o they stay damage free throughout the year. Then next year you can either choose the same design or switch things up so that your holiday display never become old and dull. If you would like a free piecing estimate give our team a call at 281-545-7740 or visit us online and be sure to view our gallery of projects for a little inspiration but hurry space is limited, so book early and lets enjoy a safe and festive holiday season,

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