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Sleigh the season with Houston Christmas Light Installation

When you think of the term sleigh, what comes to mind/ Right, Santa whizzing through the air fast as lightning guided by his eight tiny reindeers to deliver a million resent to every boy and girl well, we think parent should have a gift too, this is why we are offering $100 Off your Houston Christmas light installation when you schedule your service before November 15th! Just imagine your home light up with flickering lights to make the exterior of your home glisten every night as you pull in the driveway after a long day at work, done correctly they are sure to elevate your spirits and make for a joyful holiday celebration. However, if you are the type of person that prefers the do it yourself route then at least let our Houston Christmas light installers help guide the way to save you time and energy and avoid making your beautiful home look like an absolute mess.

Houston Christmas Light Installation List Of Do’s & Don’t!

We don’t mean to dampen your holiday cheer but if you have ever driven around to see lights then you will understand this next statement- some homes just look tacky! In most cases the “bad” holiday decorating is usually done in less than tidy neighborhoods or by el chepo who claims to be a Houston Christmas light installer while popping off a few bottles of his favorite beverage while sitting on your roof- true story. We actually received an email last year “We received a quote from you, but with wit someone cheaper and I had to ask them to get off my roof because they were tossing beer cans in my yard, when can you start? “or “For the last 2 weeks I have been on a not so fun adventure trying to get my Christmas lights installed. People who are claiming to have an experience, didn’t have a clue. They couldn’t even buy one. I was seriously about ready to give up when Christmas Wonder Lights agreed to help, now my holiday decorations are up and working, They look amazing!

Seeing sloppy holiday decorations makes a home look tackles and if the Houston Christmas light installations are amateurs, why spend the money? So today we are going to provide you with a few things you want to avoid so you’re not the scrooge on the block.

Don’t put lights that are nit consistent, make sure all the bulbs are the same color and size, avoid using C9 on part of your roof and C7 on the other part or mixing 5MM with mini lights. Also don’t mix sun warm white with bright lights, while they are both whites one has a yellow undertone and the other has a haze of blue, people will notice a difference. If you do not have enough lights, then consider doing the eves and skip the window trim of your home or alternate the bulb with a red or a blue. Speaking of colors consider adding colors don’t just do all white mix it up, this does not mean you have to use multicolored bulbs, but your Houston Christmas Light Installation service provider should have an array of other choices for you to choose from.

When it comes to your trees don’t just splatter lights on them as if this were a canvas and the lights your brush, instead take the time to neatly wrap the trees in lights or use up lighting. Yes, it’s time consuming this is why most people depend on a Houston Christmas light installer but remember with holiday lights less can be more just don’t stop until you at least reach the first branch.

Make sure to get everyone in on the fun, kids love holiday decorating so make sure to involve them and create memories. Have fun with it remember the kids are only little for so long,

If you don’t feel comfortable working on a ladder don’t do it for the Mrs. She would rather enjoy you then have you in the hospital or injured and if not well…

If all else fails, lights go out, time runs out, or your burnt out from working long hours then call a Houston Christmas light installer like Christmas Wonder Lights.

Houston All Inclusive Christmas Light Installation

At Christmas Wonder Lights we are the elite Houston Christmas Light Installation provider because we hire and train our employees, many of which have been with us for over a decade. We work hard, so you don’t have too. We are fully insured, and our packages come with everything you need so that your home looks warm and festive. Our lights are all commercial grade, so they are custom fitted to your home and then after the holidays they are removed and stored for safe keeping. In the unlikely event a bulb breaks or burns out, no worries you can keep your ladder tucked away and just give us a call- we will repair or replace the design free of charge. How’s that for worry free Houston Christmas light installation!

Save On Your Houston Christmas Light Installation

Here is how you can save money on your Christmas light installation.

1. Have your Houston Christmas Light installation done before November 15 and we will take $100 off

2. Donate your Houston Christmas Lights to the Houston Zoo and save $25.00

3. refer your neighbors, family, and friends to save $50!

So forget waiting, pick up the phone and call Santa approved team at 281-545-7740 or visit us online and complete our contact form. We wish you and yours have a safe and happy holidsy season!

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