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Sugar Land Christmas Light Decorations Ideas

The Holidays are the most wonderful time of year because they are packed with festivity, joy, peace, and a sense of unity. If you are looking for some ideas to decorate your home for the holidays let our Christmas light installation team in Sugar Land, give you seven festive holiday decorating tips you will want to add to your seasonal list to make your home look more merry and bright.

1. Let Your Sugar Land Home Become a Winter Wonder Land

Just because we don’t have a snowball chance in hell of having snow throughout the season doesn’t mean we can’t make it look like it. Start by finding items in that white frosty color that you can incorporate such as silver glitter accents that you can use on a front porch or trees like dripping icicles from branches or using tinsel and weaving it into your outdoor garland. You can also use cylinders that slip over pathway lights that have a snowflake cutout, these cylinders are great along pathways or driveways as well as flower beds if you don’t have large shrubs. Need little inspiration just turn on Michael Bublé hit song song

Later on, we'll conspire

As we dream by the fire

To face unafraid

The plans that we've made

Walking in a winter wonderland

2. Holiday Props

Add visuals to your outdoor displays, props come in everything from polar bears to animated reindeers and moose. You can consider a theme like Santa workshop, the Grinch who stole Christmas, Charlie Brown or Frozen, another popular Disney movie. Find a theme your children of grandkids love and start from there. Also, Pinterest and social media is a great way to find some creative ideas.

3. Installing Christmas Lights on Porch and Entryway

If you have a beautiful porch where you enjoy sitting outside, then consider decorating the porch rails and stairs. Not only will it set a seasonal mood but if you’re having guest, it can make the stairs easier to see. Simply add some rope lights around the handrails and across the stairs then take the poinsettias and make your porch look merry and bright. And don’t forget the entryway, add some garland, a wreath, and mistletoe to welcome your visitors.

4. Retro Décor

Whole we don’t recommend installing secondhand Christmas lights on your Sugar Land home some of the retro decoration can really evoke a Christmas vintage theme. Look on marketplace or next-door or visit one of the thrift stores that supports a local nonprofit such as second blessing. One of our favorite pieces are holiday vintage lanterns that you can hang in the entryway and replace the candles with some LED battery powered lights, so they are safer and last longer.

5. Install Christmas Light Balls

Christmas balls that are traditional seen at botanical gardens or commercial properties can work wonderfully in a large front yard. You can either choose to rent these or make them using chicken wire and mini led lights.

6. Light up your rooftop

Nothing looks more festive than a well-lit roof with C7 or C9 Christmas lights, if you have a dormer window consider adding a miniature tree, and if you really want to go all our take your inflatables and move them to the roof but be sure to tie them down using clips or fishing wire so they don’t cause any issue to your shingles. We advise not to use sandbags as they are hard to haul up a ladder and can puncture your roofing materials.

7. Hang Light On A Fence

If your fence happens to be visible or you’re planning a backyard party then consider installing Christmas lights on your Sugar Land fence, you could consider adding white and have them serve double duty as pool lights during the summer months.

Hassle Free Christmas Light Installation In Sugar Land

There are many ideas to make your home look bright and beautiful this season, if you’re looking for more ideas visit our online photo gallery or give us a call and if you would rather not fuss with doing your Christmas light installation then call our Sugar Land installers for a hassle-free quote at 281-545-7740 or complete our online form to learn more about our all inclusive services

Final Thoughts on Sugar Land Christmas Lights

  • If you’re going to add lights to a tree, make sure to trim them first so the lights work better on the branches

  • Make sure your non seasonal lighting such as your porch or garage light are dimmer, so they do not detour from the look of your holiday décor.

  • Use LED Lights that will save you money on your electricity usage


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