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The Cost of Christmas Light Installation In Houston

christmas light installation houston

Looking for Christmas light installation in Houston? Discover the cost factors and benefits of hiring professionals, and get a quote for your home today!

When potential customers call us, one of the first things people ask is, “How much is Christmas light installation for my Houston home? It’s a basic two-story.” Or a caller will tell me how many square feet their home is. But this is not a simple answer. The cost for Christmas light installation in Houston depends on the size of your roof, how steep the pitch is, and whether we will need a boom lift or can access the roof using a ladder. So, I first gathered some basic information, such as their address, to measure their roof on Google Earth. Then, if there is a picture of the home on HAR, I will take a snapshot and do a mock drawing using Canva so they can see where the lights will go to ensure we are on the same page. I am emailing this with the estimate and a copy of our portfolio.

Is Houston Christmas Light Installation Expensive?

Many homeowners feel that we overcharge for Christmas light installation in Houston because the lawn guy or neighborhood kid will do it for less than our Houston Christmas light installation company; we get it. But the same applies to the handyman who fixes your air conditioner versus an HVAC company. There is always going to be someone who is considerably cheaper.

However, there is a difference in the level of service and lights that our trained and insured Christmas light installation crew provides. So, let us break down the differences.

You may pay for labor only, but they may not return after the season to remove your lights. Despite what they said about selling the job, will they return if a light breaks or burns out? Do they have the electrical experience to troubleshoot problems because of rain, or will you be left with lights on your roof that won’t turn on? What happens if an accident, such as someone getting injured on your property or your home getting damaged? Will they fix it? Do they have insurance? If not, there goes the savings you would have kept by hiring a professional Houston Christmas light installation company.

Do not pay for the removal. Or maybe for both. Better yet, the company may offer warranty service and storage. Each of these services comes with an additional cost. The Installer might also be new to the business and randomly give a price in this range. The best way to tell if they know what they are doing is that they know about holiday lighting and they will take time to answer your questions and concerns.

Another price factor is if you plan to purchase the lighting product or lease from the company. This plays a significant role because the lights might be more costly in the first year compared to the following years. All of these factors cause the price to vary considerably.

One way you might consider saving on your Christmas lights is with permanent Christmas lights; these are installed and stay up 365 days a year. This will eliminate the need for an annual setup while allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits of holiday lighting all year round without the hassle of setting up and taking down the lights every year.

Houston Christmas Light Installation Cost

Suppose you hire a legitimate Christmas light installation pro in Houston to outfit your home with commercial-grade LED Lights and bring all their materials, including clips, cords, and a dusk-to-dawn timer. In that case, the price will start around $5/ft on the low end for leasing and go upwards from there. Two-story homes or a home with a steeply pitched roof may cost another $2-4/ft as well. For labor, pricing can vary between $1 and $10/ft. Our Houston Christmas light installation pros charge $8>00 a linear foot during peak season; during non-peak time, we charge $6.50 a linear foot in October and December. Another thing to consider is that while most people have 52 weeks a year to make a living, our business is seasonal. With our Houston Christmas light installation packages, you receive all the materials for your display on a lease purchase, plus set up, removal, storage, and free service calls. For some, this is worth the added peace of mind that their home will be taken care of and their lights shine brightly all season.

If you would like an exact Houston Christmas light installation quote, please call our team at 281-545-7740. We also serve Katy, Missouri City, Sugar Land, and the surrounding areas.

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