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The Ultimate Cypress Christmas Light Experience


At Christmas Wonder Lights, we strive to provide you with the best Cypress Christmas Lights our area offers. We believe that every corner should be touched by the enchantment that only comes this time of year., That’s why we are here to inspire you to explore the captivating possibilities of taking your Cypress Christmas lights and holiday decorating to the next level this year by working with our experienced and insured team.

What Makes Our Cypress Christmas Light Company Unique?

While most companies are in a rush to get as many homes lit up as possible, our Cypress Christmas light team works with you to ensure your display is exactly the way you had envisioned it would look. This starts with a free online design consultation, and at your request, we can also come out to do an in-person visit. Take a photo of your home, tell us the color of the lights you would like to see, and we will send you an image to show you what you requested as well as what we suggest, along with an itemized estimate so you can select the features that you want most. Our Christmas light installation company near Cypress offers everything from trees to rooftops and ground lighting. Once you have chosen your package, we will schedule your date with a security deposit. For your convince, we accept checks and credit cards. On the date of your appointment, our friendly Christmas light installation team of Cypress will reach out to inform you that they are headed your way. They arrive in uniform and start to work to transform your home into a magical display. Before leaving, they will plug your light into a dusk to dawn timer and make sure you are happy. If any problems were to arise, we would remain accessible throughout the season. Give us a call, and within 24 to 48 hours, we will replace any damaged or broken bulbs.

See Our Cypress Christmas Light Projects


Rooftops Decorating the actual rooftop with outside Cypress Christmas lights is a great way to complete a design. When decorating for Christmas, be sure to hang lights on the house. The warm white C9 bulb is the most common size and color, but we offer various other colors as well, ranging from red and bright white to green, orange, pink, and multicolored. Have a color combination in mind, let’s make it happen! Not only can we do your rooftop but also your ridge lines and front eves. Warm white lights are a simple yet elegant choice for lights. Notice how these Cypress Christmas lights make clean transitions between eves, and extension cords are hidden from sight.

The popular icicle lights look great on homes with flat eves and a few peaks. LED lights are a bit more expensive but are much more durable; they are great to pair with your icicle lights as shown in this photo.


Candy Cane C9 Lights on Front Eves

Different color combinations can be used to decorate your home. This home is decorated with clear, red, and green C9 lights. Light colors that reflect your house's tones always enhance the holiday display's beauty.

Multicolor Lights

Rather than alternating colors every bulb, the lights on this home alternate between red, blue, green, and amber every three bulbs. This gives the exterior Christmas lights a unique look and can be very fun.

Decorating Christmas Trees Outside

Christmas Lights on a Deciduous Tree

This Christmas tree is decorated with clear miniature lights or 5MM that follow the outline of the tree branches. This method of decorating maintains the shape of the tree. This particular tree is about 20' in height and has over 30 strands of mini-lights.

Large Pam Trees Decorated With Christmas Lights

These 25' palm trees are decorated with about 45 strands of LED mini-lights. The lights are randomly wrapped around the base of the tree to avoid showing any particular pattern. A tree this size can take our Christmas light installation team in Cypress several hours to decorate.

Christmas Garland and Wreaths

Christmas garland and wreaths add finishing touches to a well-designed Cypress Christmas light display. Pre-lit garlands and wreaths look very natural and add lighter to your home. We use secured permanent anchors drilled into the motor joint of the brick to ensure your wreaths are safely hung up on or beneath the peaks of this home. Christmas wreaths and garlands are also a great addition to Windows, Doors, Pillars, and Arches.

Mini lights decorate the fence around this home.

Mini lights are used to decorate the fence and gate surrounding this home. Hanging lights on structures and trees near the street attract attention to display when the home is located off the street.


Christmas lights decorate the archway.

Christmas lights outline the archway to the entrance of this lodge in Park City, Utah. Doing so brings attention from the out-of-sight roof line to the entranceway. The display looks great from a distance and at the doorstep.

Lights outline the windows.

The windows of this home are decorated with clear C9 Christmas lights. Typically, windows are outlined with mini lights. Lights are attached to the windows with adhesive mounting bases, which are zip-tied to. The decorations are temporary and cause no permanent damage to your home.

Decorating the Roof with Christmas Lights

The rooftop can be decorated with lights to create a brighter display. The lights are attached to the shingles with plastic clips and cause no damage to the roof.

Cypress Christmas Light Estimate


If you are ready to prepare your home or business in Cypress with Christmas lights please contact our friendly elves today for a free estimate r email us your address so we can measure your roof online. We look forward to working with you and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas

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