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Time To Plan Houston Christmas Light Installation


As we work on our newest Houston Christmas light installation for the city of Pearland, we thought this would be an ample time to remind our commercial clients that NOW is the time to schedule your 2023 holiday decorating in Houston. The question that many people ask is “when is the best time to plan a large-scale Houston Christmas light installation project for a successful December.”

The truth is frightening- December!

“What!” you shout, as a bead of nervous sweat slowly trickles down your cheek. “But how could that be? During the prime holiday time when the jolly madness is upon us?”

Absolutely, but just that we are crystal clear, you are not designing for the current December, but for next year- December 2022 is when we started planning for 2023.

While we understand better than anyone the craziness that occurs during the holiday season especially for our commercial clients, Christmas light installation isn’t just half hazard tossing some warm white bulbs on a rooftop. In December while your Christmas light installation is plugged in and running, our elfperts have the prime opportunity to walk your property with you to view all your existing holiday decorating so that we can identify those dark and hidden places that we want to help you illuminate. With indoor and outdoor Houston Christmas light installation done correctly, you can spread a lot of holiday cheer and drive sales through the roof. While CWL is happy to accommodate large commercial projects such as friends over at the city of Pearland who assumed August would give us ample time, they are learning the key to an extraordinary display requires more than a few months.

Let us share a full rundown of the way our Houston Christmas light installation process works to give you a few pointers as to what goes into planning a large-scale outdoor Christmas decorating project.

The Key To Planning Houston Christmas Light Installation


December/ January: Before your Christmas light installation is removed, our elfperts would like to take the time to do a proper meeting with your event staff to do a walk through, see your area during the evening hours to discuss your ideas and offer ample suggestions on how to improve your Houston Christmas decorating.

February: Now that we have designed a rendering of what your property will look like you will either accept it or make tweaks before the legal stuff happens.

March/ April: Contracts are signed, certificate of insurance is checked over and if necessary, adjustments need to be made there is time to do so without being in a rush.

May: This is the month to finalize and place any orders, this ensures you receive a full collection and ample shipping time.

July: Our team will be finalizing the specifications such as electrical, scopes of work, etc.

September: All the décor is being shipped in for your project. Most frieght has to cross international waters so you want to allot for plenty of time if you will be adding props, tower Christmas trees, etc.

October: This is when our season kicks into full gear, some large commercial holiday lighting displays get set up as early as September depending on when the shipment arrives and if you will be hosting events that would be dampened by the project such as a fall festival.

November – December: Now that all the magic has gone up its time to watch the smiles of cheers and gasps of joy fly out of your grateful customers’ mouths. Then, the process starts all over again!

With these dates in mind, you are guaranteed to have the most wondrous Christmas light installation in Houston, with unique Christmas decorating, minimal headaches, maximum efficiency, revenue, and fun! Have more questions or want to get started right away on planning ahead? Then call your friendly Houston Christmas light installation elfperts at (281) 545-7740.

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