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Tips For Hiring A Commercial Christmas Decorator

Tis the season to make your business shine by enlisting the help of a commercial Christmas decorator. This year instead of having your employees trim the trees and deck the halls, which can be time consuming and rarely gets you the professional touch a commercial Christmas decorators can create let our team at Christmas Wonder Lights providing you five tips to a stress-free holiday season by sharing five tips on how to hire the right team for the job.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Christmas Decorator

There are plenty of decorators to choose from and finding the right person to hire can be almost as stressful as doing it yourself. Any retailers, homeowner associations, and property managers aren’t even sure what factors they need to consider or when to enlist help. Just the week we received a last-minute request, we were out of stock and had to tell the client to call us back in SEPTEMBER! By looking sooner rather then later for a commercial Christmas decorator this also will give you a little time to do your research, make sure to ask the right questions, and ensures that your bank, restaurant, or commercial building receives a professional appearance that turns your customers heads.

Follow these five tips before hiring a commercial Christmas Decorator.

1. Read Reviews: Most commercial Christmas decorators have a google my business listing that has reviews from previous clients. A history of positive reviews is a good start to choosing the right team. It’s also a good idea to go above and beyond by asking the company for customer references from those who have decorated the dame type of business. As an example, if you manage a homeowners association, ask them for customer refences from other HOA. Nothing speaks more volumes than word of mouth references. You may also be able to drive past their work if its later in the season or ask for photos.

2. Insurance Verification: Make sure to check the commercial Christmas decorator has insurance, even if they are decorating a tree as most taller trees still require someone to stand on a ladder. If there was to be an accident you want to ensure your business is not liable. Make sure to ask the commercial Christmas decorator if they can provide you with an W0 and an insurance certificate if they are doing a more elaborate task.

3. Experience: Before choosing the right team to deck the halls and light up your building, ask them who is doing the work? Do they rely on sub-contractors, or do they train their team? If they are going to be around your staff or clients, ask if they run background checks.

4. Maintenance: Even the best commercial Christmas decorators are no match for rain and high wind gust which can be detrimental to the appearance of your property from lights that law over to wreaths and garland that look less than stellar. Make sure the team you work with has a maintenance policy in place. At Christmas Wonder Lights, our policy is to repair or replace any items that may have become damaged within 24 hours of your call. If the company changes for these services, you may want to look elsewhere as this is just a part of doing business.

5. Obtain a Detail Contract: Make sure before you release the deposit you have a detailed contract that includes pertinent information such as their company name, the date they will install and remove the commercial Christmas decorations and any equipment they will be using. This is a good time to also make specific request known such as you prefer to have them work at night so there is little to no disruption during normal business hours. Make sure to collect a copy of their insurance policy and that your added.

When Its Time To Hire A Commercial Christmas Decorator, Enlist The Experts!

When its time to get your HOA, bank, restaurant, or commercial building spruced up for the holidays make sure to contact the experts at Christmas Wonder Lights. Our commercial Christmas decorators have a combined 30 years’ experience providing one if a kind, simple or spectacular holiday displays. We provide all-inclusive service, or we can incorporate your building with the décor you have n hand. Our team serves Houston and the surrounding area, and we also decorate residential properties for the holidays. We look forward to working with you and showing you all the work, we have completed over the years so call us today for a free design constant at 281-545-7740.


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