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When To Hire A Commercial Christmas Decorator?

Its hard to imagine that we are already 28 days into 2022 yet here we are discussing commercial Christmas decorators, why?

Because the honest to goodness truth is if you wait until spring chances are the best commercial Christmas decorators will already have a full schedule. In fact, we start scheduling the day we remove the holiday décor. All those beautiful scenes that are created for your property may only be seen by your guest a few weeks out of the year, but it takes time and preparation to pull it out with success. Some properties take our crew weeks to install while others only take days but there are factors to consider such as:

  • Will you be renting or purchasing your commercial Christmas decorations?

  • How much power will be required to ensure no breakers are tripped in the process?

  • Do we need to install the lights and holiday décor during off hours when your business is closed?

Bottom line, holiday lighting pros and commercial Christmas decorators work all year around.

Commercial Christmas Decorations We Provide

Christmas trees: We provide the largest selection and highest quality of Christmas trees from 12 to 50 feet including color changing lights, animation, slim based trees, ice trees as well as toppers and fencing to ensure your guest can look without touching.

Displays & Props: From Santa to Frosty, Sleights and chairs for pictures and holiday selfie stations, we have it all in stock but warning we book most of our commercial props and displays 6 to 8 moths in advance. We also have an in house artesian who can create one of a kind branded displays featuring your business logo.

Foldable LED sphere: From 20” to 40” in a variety of colors these make the perfect lawn ornaments or can be hung by their metal foldable frames.

Pole mounted decorations: From wreaths to stars and just about everything in between we can make your city or HOA shine with Christmas themed decorations.

Sign Enhancement: Looking to decorate a marque at your shopping center, business center or multi family complex? We offer a large selection of commercial Christmas decorations to choose from.

Interior Decorating: In addition to offering exterior lighting and holiday décor we also provide interior decorating for a variety of businesses including hotels, banks, restaurants, and shopping malls.

How Our Commercial Decorating Process Works?

Christmas Wonder lights is open year around to offer free design consultations. We would be happy to email you our 2022 Christmas catalog filled with over 30 pages of products for you to choose from. Then we will schedule a convenient time to visit your property for a tour, take measurements of the area where you wish for your display to be installed, and make commercial decoration suggestions so that you get the most for your holiday marketing budget. We view decorating your property as not an expense but an investment as it attracts new clients and gives previous guest and patrons a reason to return. After we have done our due diligence, we will provide you with a free quote. Our commercial packages start at $3000.00 this includes your display, installation, and removal after January 1st.

Christmas Wonder Lights provides commercial decorating across Greater Houston and has over 22 years in business. Our team is fully trained and insured and can provide you with the proper documentation (W9 and insurance verification). Since the season is short, we start commercial installation in September, then return on your desired date to light up you’re building or property. Since the season is short, we don’t recommend waiting, the sooner you schedule the more dates you have available to choose from. To schedule your free design consult please call 281-545-7740 or visit us online to complete our contact form.

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