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Where to See Katy Best Christmas Lights

If you have driven around the area tonight, you have seen a change in the air. Katy is filled with Christmas lights. While some homeowners do not put out their holiday displays until after Thanksgiving, if you are ready to enjoy the cool autumn air take why not grab a pumpkin spiced coffee, load up the kids, roll down the windows and take a cruise. Here are where you can see Katy Christmas lights For free.

Pin Oak: One of the best places to view Katy Christmas lights is near Katy Mills Mall in the Pin Oak subdivision, They have been elaborately decorating their homes for the past fifteen years and if you go early, you can skip all the long lines. You will see Santa, the Grinch, and all your favorite holiday characters but do be sure to use etiquette by not blocking driveways, being disruptive, or taking all the fun away from other spectators. The biggest rule of all is remember these are other peoples property, many of which have younger children so be alert and respectful so we can all have a little holiday cheer.

North Lake: One of our favorite places to see Katy Christmas lights is located on Merrill Hill but the light show does not start until Thanksgiving night. The home is sequenced to play with all your favorite holiday hits and has over 50,000 twinkling lights and a choir display.

Valley View Lights: On valley view Trail in the zip code of 77493 is 4 thousand pixilated Katy Christmas lights that dance to the tunes found on 107.1

Victorian Lakes: On Victorian Lake Dr zip code 77493 you will see their white light holiday display

Cimarron: While not nearly as elaborate, this is still a neighborhood where you can see plenty of Katy Christmas lights.


Cinco Ranch Christmas light: While this is still just down the street from Katy and the children who live in Cinco Ranch attend KISD this has grown into an independent town where you can see plenty of holiday décor and lights.

Fulshear Christmas Lights: From West Lake to Fulbrook, there are pockets of lights across Fulshear to enjoy

Pecan Grove Christmas Lights: One of the most visited places in Fort Bend during the holidays is none other than Pecan Grove so make sure to add this destination to your list if your new to the area and looking for a fun filled night of lights.

Where to Find More Katy Christmas Lights

One of the best ways to find Katy Christmas lights is through the original Christmas light finder, simply put in your zip code and how far you are willing to travel, and it will provide you with a list of where you can see the biggest and best light shows anywhere in our area. If your home is one of the most lit homes in Katy be sure to add it so everyone can e joy your display this holiday.

Step Into The Spirit of The Season With Our Katy Christmas Light Company

Instead of just being a spectator why not enjoy your own Katy Christmas light display and if you aren’t sure how to make it merry or bright or simply do not have the time then give our Katy Christmas Light team at Christmas Wonder Lights a call. We provide all your will need from the lights to the labor and storage. We are fully insured and have over 20 years in business so call today for a free quote for your Katy Christmas lights. Our Christmas light installers also serve Pica Grove, Fulshear and Cinco Ranch

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