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Where to See Katy Christmas Lights

Its that time of year when neighborhood all across Fort Bend and Harris County spread holiday cheer by decorating homes for the holidays. If you want to know the best places to see Katy Christmas Lights for 2021 then let our professional Christmas light installers in Katy share our top five picks for where to take the kiddos to make sure you have the best family outing for no more than the cost of a tank of gas.

Best Free Katy Christmas Light Displays

Pin Oak: Grab some cocoa and a bag of popcorn and drive over to Pin Oak subdivision just around the corner from Katy Mills Mall. Since 2009 residents have been delighting visitors by the car load with their Chevy Chase style homes and if you go you may even see Santa being pulled through the streets on his king size flatbed trailer. Some of the lights you don’t want to miss as you make your way through Pin Oak Christmas maze is the corner house on Stoughton, this display really takes the cake, be sure to listen to stay in your seat belt as you listen to the holiday tunes synchronized with the lights on radio station 89.9

Oak Way Park Subdivision: Check out this cherished display that will lift your spirit by heading to Harris County go west of Bush to Windsor Hollow in Katy

Parkway Oaks Subdivision: Last year this HOA sponsored a content with a $200 gift care to pay some lucky winner light bill and there were several houses that entered. This Katy subdivision is in Fort Bend County and has some great restaurants nearby.

Cimarron: While a neighborhood that is not totally decked out its certainly makes our top five list of places to see Christmas lights. Since the competition began, more and more houses are beginning to decorate plus there is a really great Christmas light installation company in Katy located in the neighborhood 😉

Cinco Ranch: our favorite HOA to decorate as they roll out the holiday carpet and so does one local man. The Hoovers Fantastic; Spectacular of Dancing Christmas Light Extravaganza, is as amazing as the name sounds. Go check out the light show that Greg Hoover spends a weekend decorating and be sure to check out many of the surrounding houses as well.

Paid Katy Christmas Light Displays ​

If you head over to Typhoon Water Park, there is a paid admission Light Park that will knock your socks off. The light park charges $40.00 for a carload so make sure to fill up the mini van and go during the week when the lines will be much shorter. The show is done rain or shine so grab your tickets online and have a ball.

Looking For Christmas Light Installation in Katy?

If after all the light you feel inspired to create your own family light show, why not sit back, relax, and let our Christmas light installers in Katy provide you with our all-inclusive lighting package. Simply send us an email with your name, address, and email and within 24 hours we will send you a free estimate or call us at 281-545-7740. Our service includes all the lights, clips, cords, ad timer as well as an all-inclusive labor which incudes installation, removal, and storage as well as 24-hour maintenance. In the unlikely event a bulb burns out or breaks simply give us a call and within 24 hours we are there to repair or replace your holiday lights, so they burn brightly all season long. We still have space in our 2021 calendar for December, but hurry space is limited!

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