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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Christmas Light Installation in Houston To Your Employees

It’s the most wonderful time of the year especially for business owners, many stores make more money in the 4th quarter then they do all year especially those businesses who deck the halls by installing Christmas lights in Houston on their stores and property. When you choose to decorate its like a neon flashing sign that is sure to attract attention. Who doesn’t love Christmas lights! However, with that being said here is why you want to hire a holiday pro instead of leaving your Christmas light installation in Houston in the hands of your employees.

Labor intensive: Climbing on a roof isn’t for the faint of heart and a great display can take hours to install not o mention the time to remove them after the holiday season has ended.

Design: Most of your employees will not have an eye for design, its very rare when a customer does much more then pick out the colors. If you want to make sure to drawl attention to your commercial property, then you want to make sure it looks professional not just as if you tossed a few lights up on a roof top.

Works Compensation: The biggest reason you want to avoid having your employees install your Christmas lights in Houston is you don’t want for an accident to occur and face a lawsuit or deal with medical bills. Having someone who’s inexperienced, like your employee install Christmas lights is a hazard. Its an accident waiting to happen this is why our team has invested in all the necessary training and equipment to ensure that we are protected.

What You Can Expect From Our Christmas Light Installers in Houston

When you work with Christmas Wonder Lights, we are fully trained, insured, and experienced to handle both commercial and residential holiday light displays in the greater Houston area. Our owner Melissa has been decorating homes since 1999 and we are pleased to offer complete turnkey services which includes:

Design Consultation: We offer a free meeting at your location within Harris or Fort Bend County. During this meeting we will show you the lights we have to offer and work with you to create a stellar display that you, your customers, and neighbors will enjoy.

Premium Commercial Lights and Décor: We offer commercial grade C9 lights as well as mini, dome, and novelty lights. For commercial properties we also offer holiday props and we have a full team of interior holiday decorators.

Installation: We arrive on your scheduled date and time to install your design according to your specifications.

24-hour maintenance: In the event that a light is hit by a bird or ruffled by the wind and needs to be repaired simply give us a call and within 24 hours we will arrive to repair or replace your holiday lights and or display.

Removals: During the month of January our team removes your display and provides storage throughout the year at no additional cost.

To schedule your 2022 Christmas light installation call us today at 281-545-7740 or visit us online to complete our form, we work all year long and would be happy to come out anytime to provide you with a free design and quote.

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