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A Christmas Light Plan For Your Katy Home that’s Failproof!

Christmas Wonder Lights, Katy TX October 12, 2021

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Holiday decorations are fun and festive to look at, but they don t hang themselves, you need a failproof proof that’s effective and safe. Whether you decide to hire a Katy Christmas light installer so you don’t get overwhelmed with your holiday to-do list or want the fun of doing it yourself, this checklist will help to keep you organized, on budget, and on time so your ready for the arrival of family, friends, or Santa Clause himself.

Christmas Wonder lights has you covered!

1. Choose Your Theme

2. Do your research

3. Check last years lights & write a shopping list

4. Schedule a Free Estimate

5. Book a Katy Christmas light installation service

6. Plan Your Interior

Choose a holiday decorating theme

Ask your family. Roommate of friends for ideas.

When you decide to decorate the exterior of your home, you first need to decide where you want to hang your lights. Since we all love the holidays its wise to start with a budget. I know we all hate the B word but one of the biggest regrets people have after the holidays is how much money they spent. If this is your first year you may want to start by doing something simple like a rooftop outlined in twinkling lights, then net year add in those Bayfront windows, sidewalks, or trees. One of the best ways to create a budget is to do your research but one final pointer, If you decide you’re going to hire a Katy Christmas light professional you don’t want to skim by getting the cheapest guy in town, the one promising he will charge $99.00 and be back at the first if the year except he must have gotten ran over by a reindeer because he is nowhere to be found and won’t answer his phone and there goes the budget you had planned.

2. Do your research

Chances are if you decorate once you’re going to want to decorate every year so make sure that you choose lights that will last. There are a few places where you can buy commercial grade Christmas lights if you are a do it yourself. One such place is Houston Christmas lights; this Christmas store is online but carries a variety of holiday lights and décor that outshine and outlast retail grade lights. If you decide that time is too short or your to-do list is too long or you don’t feel comfortable climbing ladders or don’t like heights then hire a Katy Christmas light installation team like Christmas Wonder Lights, you will know you have hired the right team for the job.

3. Check Your Existing Lights:

It’s always wise especially with the COVID shortage to get prepared sooner rather than later. Take your existing lights down from the attic, test every cord, and anything that may have been damaged toss it out- its better to be safe then sorry. Once you know what holiday decorations needs to be replaced write out a list of all the holiday décor you will need for you to pull off step one (choose a theme). Make sure to not only include Christmas lights but all the materials your home needs including gutter clips, extension cords, holiday props, wreaths, garland, and a dusk to dawn timer that will automatically turn your lights on and off. Check your list twice so you are not making multiple trips to the store.

A couple of final notes, if you’re a DIY make sure to check the weather, Katy typically has 8 days of rain during the months of November and December, you want to make sure its dry before stepping onto a roof or ladder. Also read other holiday decorating safety tips The final two steps are for those who are going to hire a Katy Christmas light installation service to do the work for them.

Step 4: Schedule an estimate

Each Katy Christmas light installers works a little differently so google “Katy Christmas light installation” and check around to schedule a pricing estimate, some installers charge based off the size of your home while others offer flat rates and determine the price based off the size of your home. On average you’re going to spend between $5.50 to $7.00 a foot. For a single-story flat roof, the price may be between $400.00 to 4600.00 and some Katy Christmas light installation can cost up to $3000.00. During the consultation make sure to ask them a few questions:

  • Are you insured?

  • Do you provide set up and take down?

  • Can I purchase lights from you, or do you rent lights?

  • How long will it take to set up my lights?

  • What date will you remove them?

This is especially important if you live in a homeowners association that requires all holiday decorations be removed by a certain date. If you’re going to hire a company to install your lights, you may also want to see if they offer tree decorating and holiday interior decorating to save you even more money, they may even offer bundle service discounts.

5. Book Your Service

To ensure you get the best rate possible for your Katy Christmas light installation you want to book your service as soon as possible, many companies even offer early bird discounts and since there are not too many lighting professionals the sooner you lock in your date the less stressful it will be.

6. Plan Your Interior

Now that the interior of your home is lit up with lights get busy making sure to deck those all including setting up your tree, preparing for your holiday parties or family get together with a beautiful table setting or let your inner Clark Griswold shine through and decorate the entire home from top to bottom, if you need help check out these holiday interior decorating tips.

Relax, and let the stress of the season melt like snow on a warm winter day with Christmas lights done for you, Christmas Wonder Lights is a full service homeowners dream, i you love lights and decorations but don't want to do the work. Our estimate are free and can often be done over the phone so give us a call today for your Katy or Houston Christmas light installation at 281-545-7740

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