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Christmas Decorating For Houston Crafters


Tis the time of year when we want to fill our homes with all the magic and joy of the holiday season. In today’s article, our experts at CWL will share DIY Christmas decorating for Houston homeowners to ensure you have the jolliest home ever. In the coming weeks, you will learn how to create a stunning garland for your fireplace mantel or doorframe and set your table with festive decor to make your guest feel welcome, and how to create an elaborate tree that will make your friends think you are a professional Christmas tree decorator. But before we jumpstart our Christmas decorating series for Houston crafters, let’s start with our DIY wreaths, one of the easiest ways to show off your style. Creating a cheerful entrance is an invitation to others that the spirit of Christmas has entered your home and dwells within. Another added perk is that the wreath was about to teach you to make it easier and more affordable than you think, making it a great family project.

Enjoy the season’s cheerfulness with traditional or Christmas decorating that Houston neighbors will relish this year. This variety of crafts includes everything from impressive bows to garland that is worthwhile to start celebrating your holiday in style if you want to hire a professional Christmas decorating company in Houston for your home or office home, call (281) 545-7740.

How to Make an Ornament Wreath


For the wreath we are making in today’s tutorial, we will spend less than $25.00 to make it. Can If you were to purchase a similar one at a Christmas store in Houston, chances are you would triple the cost plus, you can customize it to fit all your other Christmas decorating, but for today, we are going to use classic Christmas colors (red and green with a touch of gold)

We recommend using 40 shiny or glitter red balls, 40 green matte balls, and 20 gold ornaments that are either glittery or matte. Be sure that all the ornaments are shatterproof so that if one falls off the door, you don’t step on broken glass.

Step #1

The first thing you will want to do is to gather all your supplies, some of these items can be repurposed, or you can check out your favorite Christmas store in Houston to see what they have in stock. Most things hit the shelves by the first week of October.

CraftFoM Foam Wreath - if you have a single door, use a 32” circle, and if you have a double door, then a 24-inch.

Cordless Hot Glue Gun, High Temperature

Glue sticks

shatterproof ornaments- about 80 medium and 20 small balls.

Once you have gathered your supplies, the most time-consuming part of the project is complete. Even if you are not a Christmas decorating pro in Houston, you should spend less than an hour creating this project.

Step # 2

Heat up your glue gun, and once it’s ready, you will take the foam wreath and start gluing the more oversized ornaments to the foam along the inner and outer edges. Then you will begin to slowly layer the ornaments until the wreath is completely covered with only small gaps, which is where you will add your smaller balls. You want to make sure that none of the foam can be seen. If you wish, you can also add a coroplast sign to the center, similar to the one you see in this photo.

Step # 3: Since the wreath will be heavy, we recommend using a door hanger or ribbon to hang your wreath.

Looking For Christmas Decorating In Houston?

Your holiday wishes are granted when you work with the professionals at CWL. We offer Christmas decorating in Houston, Katy, Cypress, and the surrounding area. From professional Christmas tree decorating to one-of-a-kind centerpieces, garlands for banisters, mantels, and doorways, and Christmas light installation. Our Houston pros will work around your schedule and budget to ensure you have the jolliest house in the neighborhood!







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