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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips From Our Katy Christmas Light Company

Everyone wants to have a Christmas tree that is exquisite do today our Christmas light installers in Katy will share our step-by-step process on how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro. If you decide this is too much work, as decorating a tree is no easy feat our professional holiday interior decorators in Houston are standing by, and ready to help.

As with any holiday project the first step is to ensure you have all the materials you need on hand, this will save you time from running back and forth to the craft store. Here is our list:

  • Christmas Tree

  • Tree Topper

  • Floral Picks

  • Ribbon

  • Wire Cutters

  • Ornaments

  • Scissors

  • Step Stool or Ladder- Depends on height

  • Tree Skirt

How To Choose The Right Christmas Tree

Some families decide to choose an artificial tree while others want the look, feel, and smell of a live tree. If you decide to choose a live Christmas tree, then here are the three places we recommend you shop.

1. Ole Time Christmas Tree Farm: Our top of the list is a new find for us this season, but they have been in business providing quality live trees since 1996. They are located in Spring and ran by the Prause family. You can choose a tree yourself or they have precut trees. We found them by chance through one of our customers who recently moved here from Canada. Where they use to cut down their own tree for – get this $5.00! When they moved to Houston they went on the hint for the right tree and chose the Ole Tome Christmas Tree Farm because their trees are stunning.

2. If you’re in the Katy area and don’t want to journey to Spring, then we suggest Dewberry Farms in Brookshire – the carry a few types of trees to select from including our favorite Blue Ice. Trees range from $15 to $277.00 a foot so for the average Blue Ice you will sped around $120.00

3. Moon Valley Nursery- If you dot want the experience of cutting down your own tree then Moon Valley has a great selection of real trees to choose from. Their nursery is located in Katy.

Now if you have pets or children and family members with asthma it may be wise to invest in a quality artificial tree. A high-quality tree can stand the test of time and on average will look good if properly stored and fluffed for about ten years before looking worse for the wear. With artificial trees you can also have them pre lite, the only issue with a pre lite tree is if the lights go out, they can be a pain to troubleshoot and fix but, on the upside, having lights added to a tree can save you the hassle of having to string the lights to make sure they are even. Some of our favorite artificial trees are so easy to assemble even a child can do it. Make sure of your using a artificial Christmas tree that you take the time to fluff all the branches o the tree looks fuller and resembles a live tree. You will spend more time fluffing the tree than any other task, but it is well worth the time invested because it will set the stage for decorating the rest of your tree.

Choosing a Theme For Your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is the center stage for the rest of your interior decorating so choosing a theme can really help you make sure your tree looks like it was decorated by a holiday professional like our Katy Christmas light professionals at Christmas Wonder Lights. Choosing a theme will also separate your tree from others as your tree should be as unique as your family. One of our recent customers in River Oaks is from New York so her tree topper is all themed off New York including big apple decorations, the statue of liberty, a Broadway sign and taxi colored black and white checkered ribbon based off Taxis. Some of the other themes you may want to consider are:

  • College Teams

  • Sports Themed

  • Nut Crackers

  • Animals like birds or dogs

  • Vacations

Travels like an island get away or around the world with a globe as your tree topper

The point is to be creative and think outside the traditional retail ornaments that are pre boxed and evoke very little emotion. Retail ornaments are fine to use as fillers but if you want your tree to be a hit this holiday think of the things that matter most to your family and work around that for a theme.

Add Your Katy Christmas Lights

Once you select a theme the next step is to incorporate your Katy Christmas lights. We prefer to use clear mini lights but based on your theme you may want to use red, green, blue, or multicolored lights. One of our customers is battling cancer so we chose a flocked tree that looks like snow falling ono the branches with pink mini lights. You can also choose 5 MM and dome style lights or if you really want to be creative consider the twinkly lights. These lights offer a wide arrangement of color changing options.

A good rule of thumb is for every 1.5 feet of tree to use 100 mini lights. You want to space the light strands about 4 fingers apart and start from the top of the tree and work downwards so that your tree can get the electricity it needs. You also want to make sure that you read the back of the box for how many lights can be connected Most retail lights only allow 5 sets of lights to be connected before it blows a fuse and keep in mind incandescent mini lights get hotter and use more power hen LED lights, so do your best to use only low voltage lightings.

Once you have the right type and color of Katy Christmas lights take the lights and weave them through the branches. Its easier to have them plugged in while your working so you can make adjustments to your work. Distribute the lights evenly through the branches nearest the trunk of your tree and weave upwards from the center of the crown. Continue to weave your Katy Christmas lights until they reach the branches tips.

Adding Ribbon To Your Tree

One of the most expensive items to add to a tree is the ribbon, a spool can range anywhere from $10.00 to $60.00 depending on the type of ribbon you purchase. If you really want an exquisite tree, then you want to invest in quality wired ribbons so it will bend in the direction you want for it to. Make sure to revert back to the theme you choose. On one tree our Katy Christmas light company decorated it was a Texas theme, so we used red and white ribbon to cascade down the tree with large blue bows added around the tree. We recommend using at least two types or colors of ribbon on your tree. If you want to learn how to better work with ribbon, here is a great blog we posted a few weeks ago to provide you pointers. The basis is to use ribbon up top and have it cascade down the tree.

Choose The Right Ornaments

There are a few different types of ornaments from keepsakes that you may have collected over the years from travels to hand made ornaments you can find at some of the local craft fairs to retailer ornaments. If you have a theme, consider ornaments that follow this theme for example a bird tree, we used different types of bords from red cardinals to blue jays, and yellow finch. This provides a great burst of color and sticks to a theme. If you’re a world traveler them consider having a globe as your tree topper, and different ornaments from each state or country where you have visited. You can also use things such as post cards just by gluing a floral pick to the back of the post card and then taking a green pipe cleaner or a little wire and wrapping it around the branches. The key to adding ornaments is to ensure it is balanced out and spread around the tree evenly. You want to start at the top of the tree and work downwards.

Every professional tree designer relies on floral picks for their tree, you can snag a package of 100 for less than $10.00 and attach items like berries, pinecones, and decorative pieces to the tree. We do use Christmas balls but often larger ones that are tucked into places that would otherwise be bare of to add splashes of color that will make the tree pop but again there is so much more then just adding balls to a tree. Get creative and have fun just don’t overdo it unless you’re the type of customer who would prefer to see more decorations than tree.

Select a Tree Topper

No tree is ever complete without a tree topper but then again there is more ways to add character and personalization to a tree then just a star, Santa, or angel. Consider your theme if you chose birds perhaps a large fluffy, white owl on top of the tree, if you want a Nutcracker inspired tree why not a pair or ballet shores with some shimmery floral picks and a beautiful bow. For a Texas theme tree why not add a Texas flag using floral picks and them add your ribbon, There is so much you can do, you may want to consider more than just one tree this season and decorating a tree can be a lot if fun especially if you have the time and out some thought into your holiday designing. Once the tree is complete you want to add a tree skirt. If you have a live tree, make sure that you follow the care instructions carefully and keep it watered using a funnel that inserts into the tree stand so you can add water easily each day. For an artificial tree add a basic skirt, follow your theme, or add a furry rug that looks like a pillar of snow.

Looking for a Katy Christmas Tree Decorating Company?

If you lack the time or creativity to bring your vision to life then don’t stress, let our Katy tree decorating company spruce up your home for the holiday. We love the holidays and are filled with one of a kind unique ideas. In addition to decorating trees we can also decorate tables, stairs, fireplace mantels or trim your home from top to bottom. Our consultations are free of charge and last approximately an hour but hurry the season is short so call us today at 281-545-7740 to secure your spot on our 2021 Holiday decorating calendar in Katy, Houston, Sugar Land or anywhere within Fort Bend or Harris County.

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